A Goodbye Letter to Elena Gilbert

l_1349697757We will be saying goodbye to Elena Gilbert on Thursday night and goodbye to Delena. I still can’t believe Nina Dobrev will no longer be on ‘The Vampier Diaries’. Elena, Damon and Stefan have been the three main characters of the show since the beginning, but now the show will rely on Damon, Stefan and the other characters to survive.

Elena has had quite a journey since season one. She’s had two epic loves, died twice, became a vampire, turned off her emotions, erased her memories of Damon and became a human again. She’s come full circle and now we have to say goodbye. So in honor of Nina’s last episode, I’ve written a letter to Elena to say goodbye,


A lot of characters go through many boyfriends, but hardly any get to have two epic loves. In the first season I loved watching you and Stefan come together. I enjoyed watching you fall for a vampire. What I really loved about you at the beginning was how you could still care for Stefan and Caroline, despite they were vampires. It took Bonnie a long time to accept it. You had all these supernatural friends, but you would still do anything for them.

Since season two I’ve been rooting for Delena. Damon is selfish, but he would do anything to protect you. Most of my favorite Elena moments involved Damon. One of my favorite episodes was your 18th birthday and then it turns out that’s when you fell in love with Damon.

I actually really enjoyed when you turned off your emotions. It was heartbreaking to watch you burn your house and accept that Jeremy was gone. But it was so much fun when you were bad.

There’s going to be a big hole in ‘TVD’ when you leave. You are the heart of the show. You care so deeply about others. You bring your friends together and you fight for them. I don’t know how ‘TVD’ can go on without you.

I’ve always wanted you to end up with Damon and now he’s ready to become human for you. It’s a dream come true and what would have been a great ending, if the show was ending. But now you’re leaving Damon alone and I don’t know if he can survive this.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to you just yet. It’s been a great six years and it won’t be the same without you.



If you could say goodbye to Elena what would you say?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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