‘PLL’: All the Fashion from Season 6 Episode 4

Aria: pink and black lace peplum top by RVN. Hanna:
Aria: pink and black lace peplum top by RVN. Hanna: blue and pink patterned dress by Open Ceremony.

Oh the fashion in Pretty Little Liars. The show should just be a catalog because everything these liars wear are great!

I loved the pink and black lace peplum top Aria was wearing in the last two episodes. Aria is my favorite fashionista on the show. I love her knew hair cut too. It suits her very well.

I love fit and flare dresses and I really loved Hanna’s blue and pink patterned dress. You can buy this dress online at Forward for $278.

Hanna is definitely dressing for summer, even though the liars are technically at the end of their senior year. After the dress Hanna was wearing floral shorts and a cropped moto jacket. This is such a great look. It can be very casual with flats or you can dress it up with heals! I would so wear this outfit and you can too! You can buy the Ellery shorts from Club Monaco for $79.

Emily’s plaid shorts and denim jacket with leather sleeves isn’t really by style, but Ems looks great! I would never think to mix plaid with leather, but it works. If this is your look, you can by the shorts at Shopbop for $346.50.

I’ve never been a big fan of the romper, but I love the one Aria wore on Tuesday night. She wore an animal print romper by MinkPink. I loved the romper without the jacket. I love white tigers and I like how the romper mixes tiger print with zebra print. Aria really dressed it up with that neckless. I don’t think she even needed to add a jacket to this look. It was fine as is! The jacket really dressed the look up too. I loved that long-sleeve white and black colorblocked cropped jacket! I would wear this jacket with a lot of things. Lucky for us we can buy the Rachel Roy jacket at Macy’s for $59.99.

Aria was really killing it this week. I loved the rose print skinny jeans she wore at the studio. The whole look was great, but I love these jeans and thankfully Amazon is selling them for $198. I liked the black ruffled top she was wearing too.

You must be starting to see why Aria’s my favorite liar for fashion.

I loved every single look of hers from Tuesday night. She never disappoints. No wonder why her mom comes to her for fashion tips.

What was your favorite look from ‘PLL’ on Tuesday night?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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