‘True Detective’ Review: Maybe Tomorrow Will Reveal Answers

Is anyone safe in this town?
Is anyone safe in this town?

True Detective is getting crazy! Last week we weren’t sure if Ray was alive or dead and this week Ani almost gets run over by a semi. Two very close calls.

Who torched their car? Does it have anything to do with the case? Or even Ray?

I really wasn’t liking Ray. He was such a dirty cop, but this week I saw his vulnerable side and I actually feel bad for him. He didn’t mean to go down this path. He was defending his wife’s honor and then all of a sudden he’s in Frank’s pocket and the Vinci Police Department is so corrupt that he was too far gone before he could pull himself back up again.

He really loves his son too. He may not have the best ways of showing it, but he wouldn’t take 10 grand and just leave town, he wants to stay for his son.

Also seeing Ray with his father, you really got to see how much depth this character has.

Ani is a tough girl and she’s even hesitant to push him under the bus. She called him a burn out and I think that accurately describes him.

It looks like Vinci isn’t the only one that’s corrupt. I can’t believe Ani was told to make Ray think she’d sleep with him. It’s one thing for a woman cop to come to that conclusion on her own, but you can’t tell her to do that. There really isn’t any good guys here by the looks of it.

We assumed that Caspere’s murder was all about him, but maybe it had more to do with Frank. One of his men showed up dead in the same method as Caspere. It seems to me that someone is trying to send a message to Frank. It can’t be a coincidence that his man was killed in the same way. So this could lead back to the high speed rail. He would be cashing in on the biggest deal of his life right now if Caspere wasn’t murdered.

Frank is tough though. He still knows how to fight. He didn’t let his men fight for him when he was challenged. So much for that guy calling him a little man, Frank wiped the floor with him. I was really enjoying Vince Vaughn in this show, but he’s showing more and more layers to this character that I’m absolutely loving him.

Paul has a very deep seeded secret that he doesn’t want to talk about. His army buddy tried to bring it up and Paul just lost it. What could it be? Did he do something so horrible he doesn’t want to relive it? Or was it something more intimate that Paul isn’t ready to face yet? Whatever it was, it got him really mad, so mad that he pushed his friend to the ground.

Not exactly a moment the cop who is already on thin ice wants to be seen doing, but there was a guy in the shadows snapping pictures of him. Not sure who this mystery man was, but that wasn’t a good time for him to be watching.

Everyone’s dealing with demons next week:


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