‘True Detective’ Review: No One Cares

TrueDetectiveS2_KeyArt-692x1024Last week I knew there was something not right about that shoot out at the end of the episode. There’s a lot more going on with this case than meets the eye and the detectives assigned to the case didn’t even get the chance to discover what was really going on.

We have a few months time jump when we were reunited with the characters this week. Everyone one involved on the case has fallen very fall, even Frank. Ani’s sexual misconduct complaint has landed her in the evidence room, Ray quit and is now working for Frank and even Paul is no longer a detective. Frank still hasn’t been able to crawl himself out of his hole and has fallen even deeper in. He’s still trying though and it all comes back to Caspere. If he can find that missing hard drive, he’ll be home free.

Before he gets all of his money back, he’ll have to answer to Ray. In the first episode Frank appeared to be helping Ray out by tracking down the man who raped Ray’s wife. Apparently that was never the rapist. The real rapist was arrested for Ray’s wife and other victims too. Ray taking that man’s life has ruined his own life and his relationship with his ex-wife. Now Ray wants answers from Frank. How will he respond? It may not be the best time for Frank to have this conversation. His wife is in the bedroom and he probably doesn’t want his wife to know what he did. She’s not stupid though, but they are getting through a rocky patch right now.

We still may get answers. Ani, Paul and Ray have been put on a Confidential Special investigation to find out who really killed Caspere. Caspere’s diamonds are missing and the girl that went missing had pictures of them.

Ray wanted nothing to do with the investigation, until he was told they could get his kid back for him and now he’s all in. Especially now that he found out he didn’t kill the right man and his ex-wife is holding that against him, but she thinks he lied about the whole thing.

Ani is dedicated to finding the girl and what really happened to Caspere. She’s really not happy that no ones cares about all of these horrible things. Paul just wants to get out in the field again. Together they will try to give us answers.

This will be done all under the radar, so it will be interesting to see what obstacles get in their way.

There’s only three episodes left and everyone is in harms way:


Mandy Carr

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