‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Is Travis the New Rick?

travis mWe are still getting to know the knew characters of Fear the Walking Dead, but Travis is quickly being portrayed as the leader.

This week one of the army guys even called him Mr. Mayor and are coming to him to help contain the situation.

Travis is a very good man. He’s sees the good in people and he tries to help out where he can. Rick was quite the same way when we were first introduced to him and he’s been the leader of the group, most of the time, since the beginning.

Travis seems to be the leader of his group, even if he didn’t intend for that to happen. Rick became the leader partly because of his skills as a cop. Travis doesn’t have those skills, but he was quite good in the classroom getting the students to listen and respond. That might be the skill he will utilize the most during the zombie apocalypse.

Travis of course still believes that everything is going to get better. He has no idea that things are actually going to get way, way worse. Of course Rick had the hope of things getting better too, but now he’s accepted the world as it is and is just trying to keep himself and his people alive.

It will be interesting to see if Travis is heading towards being the leader of the group and will go through the same phases as Rick. Rick never experienced the walkers from the beginning, he kind of got thrown into it.

Do you think Travis is being established as the leader of the group so far?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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  1. Well..He keeps reminding me of Rick all the time. Same morally sound mind..slowly getting adjusted to the new dog eat dog world and if he lasts will probably turn into similar kind of ruthless person on the verge of Lunacy as Rick.

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