‘Scream Queens’ Review: Beware of the Chanels

SQ_107_PP_0849_jm_thumbJamie Lee Curtis may not be the Red Devil, but she does have her part to play in the mystery.

The episode two weeks ago disappointed me, but this one more than made up for it. We’re not any closer to figuring out who the Red Devils are, but we did have a nice little death and cover up this week.

I’m not sure anyone on this show is sane, but Feather is certainly not sane. She dated her Beatles professor, who just happened to be Dean Munsch’s husband.

Early on in this episode it was clear that Jamie wouldn’t be the killer, especially since all fingers were pointing at her. It’s too early to reveal who the actual killer is, so I was slightly upset, because as you all know, I really wanted Jamie to be the killer.

[Spoiler Alert!!]

She was the killer this week though. She killed her own ex-husband. She took the opportunity to take her ex out, with a serial killer on the lose and how lazy the police are. It was the perfect opportunity for her.

And bravo on setting the scene. It rivals the death scene in the Shinning Maze and with that, Scream Queens is back on form.

SQ_107_PP_0779r_thumbDean Munsch may be one of the smarter people in this whole mystery. She did a great job framing Feather and we all know she was part of the cover up 20 years ago. She knows a lot more about what’s going on than she’s letting on. She may not know who the killer actually is, but she definitely has some information she’s holding out on us.

Ariana Grande was back this week with an important message for Chanel. Chanel #2 told her former Queen Bee that the other Chanels were going to kill her and to be the bigger person. I’m not so sure going after Grace and Zeyday is being the bigger person though.

These Chanels will believe anything. They believed when Chanel was the killer and now the believe that Grace and Zeyday are the killers.

I don’t think Grace is the killer. Gigi told the Red Devil that “he” has to go. So the second Devil must be a guy. I’ve been working under the assumption that the second Devil is Nick Jonas, but maybe he’s the first one.

There’s only five more weeks left and this was a great episode. Jamie had a lot more screen time and it was great. They should really utilize her more. The Chanels proved that they couldn’t do anything without their Queen Bee and we even had a very bizarre funeral.

There’s still a lot to come:


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