Jasper and Eleanor Are All Kinds of Sexy in the Season 3 Promo of ‘The Royals’

There’s a lot more scandal coming our way in the third season of The Royals.

The promo shows plenty of Jasper and especially Jasper and Eleanor. Liam has a new girl. He seems to have a new girl every season. I guess that’s not hard seeing as he’s a prince. And Cyrus and Helena are still battling it out.

csgr91tueaan172Jasper and Eleanor are hot and heavy again, but Eleanor says they’re just having fun. Looks like more than just fun to me. I’m definitely looking forward to all of their steamy scenes this season.

After the powerful performances Alexandra Park and Tom Austen put in for this very complicated relationship last season, I’m sure Jeleanor will go much deeper than just a lot of flirtation and sex. 

Liam is once again fighting to make it work with another girl. Plus, he’s shirtless and getting into backroom fights? I’m not complaining about the shirtless Liam, but what is going on with him? His voice over says he’s wondering if he’s a good person. It looks like Liam will be doing a lot of soul-searching this season.

Cyrus looks like he’s just the same. He appears to be throwing a body over the roof. What is he up to? That’s probably the most scandalous thing the promo shows for a deeper mystery. We love the parties and Jeleanor, but the mystery is also a great part of the show. You can’t really give too much of that away in a promo, though.

Helena looks very confident, as usual, as she takes on Cyrus. It was fun last season watching them see who could outwit the other and it looks like they’re just getting started.

Take a look at the season three promo of The Royals and let me know which characters you are most looking forward to watching this season.



Mandy Carr

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