Your Next Binge: ‘Freakish’

It’s Halloween weekend and once you are done with your Stranger Things binge, you will need something else to watch. I suggest checking out Hulu’s Freakish. If you love The Walking Dead, you’ll love this. It’s kind of The Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead.

It all begins on a Saturday. Some students are there for detention, other’s are there for sports but they all are there right at the time of the plant explosion. In some ways being at school on a Saturday was the smartest thing they could have done for themselves, on that day. Well, for those who stayed put, for the rest, you’ll see what happens to them.

Grover (Leo Howard) wasn’t supposed to be there. He didn’t have detention and could have been spending his day anyway he pleased but he was there because he had a crush on bad girl, Violet (Liza Koshy), who he doesn’t have a chance in hell with. His sister, Mary (Mary Mouser) is also at the school.

The three most interesting characters in the show are Violet, Diesel (Adam Hicks) and Barrett (Tyler Chase). Violet is definitely the bad girl but there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye. That’s the thing about being in the middle of a terrible crises, your true self really comes out. Diesel is the bad boy but he doesn’t seem like that from the beginning. He’s quiet and resourceful but he has a past. Barrett has a secret and it will be a while until this secret comes out. You’re never sure if you can trust him or not and I’m going to let you make up you mind because half the fun is not knowing. 

I also really like Zoe (Meghan Rienks). She’s the popular girl that you just don’t think much of other than she’s pretty but just wait until you get to know her. She’s one of the most caring people in the group and she’s tougher than she looks. Her boyfriend, LaShawn (Melvin Greg) is also a surprise. 

Natalie (Aislinn Paul) also has an interesting secret and will play a pivotal role in survival. 

Freakish is a very easy binge. It’s ten episodes, half our each. Once you get past episode five it’s hard to stop and season two is all ready to go once you get through season one. I think the writers wanted us to binge this show because each episode ends in a cliffhanger. It’s hard to watch just one because you have to know what happens next. If that person dies, what’s the reveal, what’s the secret. They definitely keep you hooked.

I’ve only just started season two, so keep an eye out for the that review but season one is a must watch. Perfect viewing for your Halloween binge watching, after Stranger Things, of course.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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