Shelley Hennig Kills it in Heels in ‘Liberty Crossing’

I’ve been missing Shelley Hennig as Malia ever since Teen Wolf ended so when I saw she had a new show I had to check it out. She really is good at the comedy. That’s one of the reasons I loved her in Teen Wolf. Don’t get me wrong, she could do the drama well too but she was always hilarious. Shelley is never afraid to laugh at herself. We know that from all of her social media posts and I think she’s found a great show for herself with Liberty Crossing

She’s the boss of the counterintelligence unit and she’s once again a bad ass but this time she’s doing it in heels! She’s definitely funny but she’s also on top of her stuff. Her team solves a terrorist plot in the first episode! They aren’t really the smarted bunch but Shelley’s character, Carly, does seem to be pretty smart.

I love Shelley’s character but I’m not sure what I think of everyone else yet. Aaron (Calum Worthy) seems like a really good, sweet guy but I’m sure he’s going to get taken advantage of a lot but he wins the affection of a girl in the first episode. Steven (Pete Ploszek) appears to be the biggest idiot of all of them but he’s sure to bring some laughs. 

I will definitely continue to watch this show if only for Shelley and we’ll see how the other characters grow on me.

Check out the first episode of Liberty Crossing on Go90.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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