The Ladies of ‘The Bold Type’ Are Bolder and even more Inspiring!

I loved season one of The Bold Type because it was fresh and inspiring. Season two is keeping the freshness and inspiration, and it’s upping the boldness.

I dare you to watch this show and not fall in love. There are so many characters to love. Sutton (Meghann Fahy) is my favorite. She always stands up for what she wants and that’s not changing in season two, in fact, she’s standing up even more. She’s also standing up for her career and her priorities. She’s an amazing role model for a young woman to have. She’s showing everyone what we should be fighting for.

Sutton may be my favorite but I still love Jane (Katie Stevens) and Kat (Aisha Dee). Jane is being pushed in ways she’s never been pushed before. Through everything, she keeps her integrity and what she believes in. She will have some hard lessons to learn. Jane grew up being in love with Scarlet magazine, but she wants to be more of a serious journalist. She jumped at the chance of doing that but maybe she should have figured out where she would fit first. Kat is also learning a lot this season. She’s not the relationship type. She’s a free spirit but Adene (Nikohl Boosheri) has swept her away. This storyline is great to show what a healthy relationship is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect, but they are showing us how to work through things. Kat is also dealing with her identity this season. The writers are giving Aisha a lot to work with and I’m looking forward to some great character growth.

These three ladies are not the only characters to fall in love with. Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore) is also one of my favorites. Stephen and Meghann have amazing chemistry on screen. Oliver is pushing and mentoring Sutton just like Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) mentor’s Jane. I’m loving that we are seeing Oliver on screen more. 

My only complaint is that we’re not getting as much advice from Jacqueline. Hopefully, we’ll get more of that soon.

If you haven’t checked out The Bold Type yet, you’re missing out on a show that depicts true friendship, true inspiration and fresh TV that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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