‘The Bold Type’ Review: It Alway Comes Back to Friendship

We may have our ships but The Bold Type is truly about friendship.

This show touches on a lot of tough subjects but it always comes back to friendship. Always. Jane (Katie Stevens) has been going through a very hard time lately but she finally turned a corner. I don’t think it was anything big, I think it was just her working hard and doing the work. Everything else fell into place. Then, she got nominated for a Mandy award. Before I go on, I just have to say that I laughed every time they said this because my name is Mandy. I couldn’t take this award seriously. I kept thinking, I must be hearing it wrong, I wasn’t. Anyways, Jane was going to get this prestigious awards and her friends were supposed to come with her but because they were both going through things, she let them off the hook.

I’ve said it before and I will say it a million more times I’m sure, I love Sutton (Meghann Fahy). She has been going through a hard time with her break-up with Richard (Sam Page) and she almost went down that same rabbit hole again but she woke up. She realized that one of her best friends needed her and she grabbed Kat (Aisha Dee) and went. Through everything, they are always there for each other and that’s why I love this show. This show reminds you what real friends are supposed to be. They’re supposed to be like Jane, Sutton and Kate, not like Sutton’s party friend. 

The other great thing about this show is the tough issues. Sexual assault is not an easy topic to discuss, and especially one that brings up that someone might have been saved if someone else came forward. It’s not an easy thing to hear, comprehend or process. There is no easy answer but of course, Jacquline ( Melora Hardin) rose above her pain. She turned it into a positive by working with the other woman to help other survivors. I love this because it wasn’t Jacquline’s fault that the other woman got assaulted, but it doesn’t stop the guilt either. Instead of dwelling on that pain, she made it into something good. She’s an inspiration in every episode.

While I did like seeing Jane struggle and work her way through, I am glad she’s back at Scarlet. That’s where she belongs and that’s where so many of the scenes we love take place. Though, I have been loving how much time we’ve spent in Kat and Jane and Sutton’s apartments this season.

I’m still stunned over Kat and Adena (Nikohl Boosheri). On the one hand, how long was this going to last when this is Kat’s first girlfriend? Of course, she’s going to be curious and want to see what’s out there. On the other, they seem so perfect for each other. I think Kat needs to go and explore, then come back to Adena when she’s ready.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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