Grant Gustin Talks Dealing with Infinite Crisis

Last season Barry lost his daughter, and the timeline for him disappearing got moved up significantly. I sat down with Grant Gustin in the press room at San Diego Comic-Con to learn what’s next for The Flash.

The timeline has changed yet again, and the biggest change to that is the newspaper changing for when Barry disappears, but now we have a better idea of how he disappears.

“The Monitor pops up very early on and says that the universe is in jeopardy and in order to save the universe Barry Allan is going to have to die,” Grant says. “We are dealing with that pretty much out of the gate. That’s the biggest change. Leading towards crisis.”

While they are dealing with this, Barry is still dealing with the loss of his daughter. According to Grant, he’s burring it while just trying to take care of the city.

Once again Barry will be opening up to someone and he will be betrayed again.

“I think it’s going to feel a little more personal this year,” Grant says. “There’s going to be a history there with this character and Caitlin. There’s going to be a level of trust but it will exist and be shattered.”

Grant is a huge Superman fan and he’s so excited that Brandon Routh will be playing a second Superman in the crossover. He was 16 year’s old when Brandon’s Superman movie came out and it’s the only midnight showing he’s ever been too. Brandon actually texted him to tell him and sent him a mock-up of his suit.

Check out the entire interview with Grant:

Mandy Carr

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