My Favorite Gossip Girls Episodes Number 8

8. O Brother Where Bart Thou?
Season 2 Episode 13

This episode was very special for the Blair and Chuck story. Blair finally told Chuck she loved him, but he was in a complete mess after his dad died. Well we now know that Bart is not dead, but back then we really thought he had died. Chuck just wouldn’t listen to anyone. He blamed Lily, he blamed Rufus, but in the end he didn’t let his anger let him hurt Lily. I guess he’s felt like Lily was family for a long time now. He could have revealed her secret, but he chose to keep quiet, well for the moment anyways.

Bart was gone, so there was nothing standing in Lily’s way to be with Rufus, except her own secrets. After all these years Lily’s mother wanted to keep it secret, but now she refuses to pay and she goes to Rufus to tell him. Secrets always come out on the Upper East Side, but no one ever learns.

Dan asked Serena not to go to Buenos Aires with Aaron, but she went anyways. She wanted to give her mom and Rufus a chance. Little did she know as she was getting on a plane with Aaron, Rufus and Lily were breaking up.

The only happy couple in this episode were Eleanor and Cyrus. Everyone else was just falling apart. That’s what funerals do, they either bring you closer together or tear you apart.

This was a very fitting Upper East Side funeral for Bart’s fake death.

Watch the promo for the episode:


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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