My 10 Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 5

5. Where the Vile Things Are 
Season 6 Episode 6

As the final season is winding down, this episode is perfect. If you are like me and have been waiting for Dan and Serena to find their way back to each other, then you’ll be very happy with this episode. Serena and Dan go back down memory lane. They go back to the pool hall that they had their first date at and they get stuck in the elevator again. They seemed more like their old selves and not the monsters that they have become in recent episodes.

Blair was back to her manipulating ways and this time they weren’t working. No one was scared of her anymore. This was a good way to be wrapping up this character’s story. Blair always tries to grow up, but then falls back on her old tactics. This time she was forced to grow up because no one was believing her threats.

Blair wants to start her own line. Blair’s style is a very big part of the show, so this seems very fitting.

Chuck was oh so close to taking down his father, but instead Ivy will do it for him,  or so it seemed.

The conversation that makes Blair realize she needs to grow up:


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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