My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 2

2. Gaslit
Season 4 Episode 10

The beginning of season four really made me mad, more specifically Juliette made me mad. Everything came to a head in this episode.

Everyone believed that Serena tried to kill herself or at least went on a bender. Dan was the only one who believed in her.

Instead of just being mad at Juliette, I was frustrated with everyone, well except Dan and Serena.

I like being frustrated when watching a show or reading a book. I may not like how it’s unfolding but it makes me feel. If everything happened the way we wanted it to, what fun would that be?

Jenny has been down a dark path and in this episode she sees the light. She even goes to Blair to make things right. At least Jenny feels remorse for her actions, Vanessa leaves town without telling a soul and all she was worried about was losing Dan.

The Upper East Side destroys the best in people.  I’m amazed it took so long to break Dan.

Dan isn’t included in too many schemes, but Blair goes to him for this one. Who else would she go to then the guy who loves and believes in Serena?

Here is some clips of the big moments in the episode enjoy!


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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