Saying Goodbye to Gossip Girl


What am I going to miss most about Gossip Girl? Where do I begin. There’s so much to love and miss about the show.

Dan successfully became one of the Upper East Siders, Blair and Chuck finally tied the knot after all the drama, Serena finally acepted herself, Nate became successful and Jack and Georgina were welcomed back into the circle.

For me, Serena and Dan are my favorite characters. Serena grew so much over the series and she also fell very far.

I loved how Dan was an outsider and working his way in. Finding out he was Gossip Girl all these years only makes me like him more. How many of us actually break into the popular group  if we weren’t already popular, let alone an elite group of Upper East Siders? He was able to pull it off.

It’s still sinking in that Dan is Gossip Girl. I would never have guessed or imagined it would be him. Jenny maybe, but not Dan.

I’m not sure which was more exciting for me, the Serena and Dan love story or the Chuck and Blair love story. They both had their ups and downs and they both did horrible things to each other. It seemed like both pairs would never end happily ever after. In the end they both got their weddings.

Jenny and Vanessa went down such dark paths they had to leave the Upper East Side for good.

Nate walked the line of good and evil only ever so lightly crossing over to the evil.

I will miss the drama, the scheming, the relationships, the fashion and the music. The writers and creators tied in everything so well.

The secret is out and I will say goodbye to Gossip Girl and six years of great television.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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