My Favorite Private Practice Episodes Number 8

8. Take Two
Season 4 Episode 1

I love season premieres. It’s not the finding out the outcome of cliff hangers that I love about season premieres, it’s the new beginnings. A new storyline. It’s knowing that anything can happen in this season and I’m excited to find out what is in store.

This episode is all about new beginnings. Life after Dell is hard for everyone. They all miss him, but they are living their lives. Violet and Pete are newly back together and decide to get married. They are following in Charlotte and Cooper’s footsteps, but Pete and Violet will tie the knot first. Sam and Addison are also beginning their relationship, but they are keeping it secret from everyone.

This is one time when season premieres can drive me crazy. When we left Sam and Addison in the season three finale Sam and Addison are getting together, but when we see them for the first time in season four it’s very awkward. They give no clue that they are together. We know they slept together, but they give us the impression that it ended there. It isn’t till the very end of the episode that the writers let us in on their secret.

This brings me back around to what I like about season premieres. In season four we got to experience Sam and Addison finally together. The episode also set up the second changes for Violet and Pete and Charlotte and Cooper.

Here are a couple of clips from the episode:


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