My Favorite Private Practice Episodes Number 5

5. God Laughs
Season 5 Episode 1

When we left off in season 4 Pete was having a heart attach and Violet was heading to New York for her book tour. When we return for season 5 we pick up right where we left off.

Cooper might not have been able to save Violet, but he saved Pete twice.

When the doctors are in the waiting room it makes for a good episode. They are not use to this and it makes them all vulnerable. Sheldon and Cooper switched seats. Cooper wanted to sit where Sheldon was because that’s where he was when Violet was in surgery and Sheldon said he was sitting there when Dell died, so thought he should move too. They are doctors and rely on medicine to save their patients, but when it comes to one of their own, medicine gets thrown out and they become human.

At the beginning and end of the episode Addison is talking to her therapist. This is the way every episode is laid out season 5. I really liked this change to the sereis. She spoke about something that related to the episode. “You plan and god laughs.” All the characters make plans, but it doesn’t turn out the way they planned. Addison wants a baby but ended up back with Sam, even though he doesn’t want a baby. Violet tries to get away but gets dragged back. And Amelia is going down a very dark path. No ones plans are working out. Life just happens.

Here’s a clip of God Laughs:


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