Bones Season 8 Episode 15

tv_bones12 (1)There has been very few episodes this season that I’ve been impressed with. Bones has been lacking the quirkiness that made me fall in love with the cast.

The writers out did themselves with this episode though and showed that the show still has spark left in it.

Not only did we get an intense case, we also got some insight into Brennan’s character.

Brennan was at the lab working on the current case in the middle of the night after her and Booth had a fight. We didn’t get much information on the case that the squints were working on before Brennan got shot and things just got more and more intense from that point on.

Brennan went into surgery and her heart stopped twice, and Cam was right there making sure the doctors did everything right. She made it through surgery, which was to be expected, there is no show with out her, but that didn’t stop me from being worried. They didn’t find a bullet though and they didn’t find a bullet in Hal, the security guard, either. That was just so strange.

Then her body rejected the blood, another weird phenomenon. If the squints weren’t on the case, I don’t think this one was going to be solved. Even while Brennan’s lying in a hospital bed recovering from being shot, she still solves the case. That was genius to get a sample of the blood that was shot into her.

One down side to this twist was that it doesn’t seem to be a viable possibility.  Don’t get me wrong this is a fictional show, but I like it when they use non-fiction mixed in with the fiction. The other week they discovered a Neanderthal mixed with a homosapien. Now obviously these  people didn’t discover these bones, but it was nice that they used fact to create the story.

What I really liked about the episode was the insight we got into Brennan’s character. She’s never spoken too much about the last day she saw her mom. I’ve always wondered why Brennan is the way she is. Her mom told her to use her brain and not her heart. She has done just that all of this time. In recent years she’s let her heart shine through a little, but logic always seems to win in the end.

I would like to see more episodes like this. I know it’s tough after eight years to keep coming up with fresh story ideas, but we’ve invested our time into these characters and we would like to see them in good stories.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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