Nashville Season 1 Episode 15

x300Scarlett and and Gunner finally got together and now the writers are wanting to tear them apart again. What is Scarlett going to do? Will she take the solo record deal? I can’t imagine her doing that and her and Gunner are better together, not that Scarlett didn’t perform well by herself.

I’ve liked what the writers have done so far, but I think offering Scarlett a solo deal is not the right thing to do, story wise. I’ll have to wait and see where they take this.

This was an intense episode. Gunner was in a really, really dark place after the death of his brother. I couldn’t believe how mean he was being to Scarlett and that he didn’t show up to the show case.

I was wondering what threw Deacon of the deep end. Now we know. He finally admitted that he still loves Rayna. He might not have said it straight out but he still admitted it. I just wish him admitting it didn’t send him off to another girl. I know that’s technically the healthy thing to do, but Rayna’s single now. Yes she will need time after her divorce, but Rayna and Deacon are made for each other.

I hope Nashville gets renewed for season two and I hope the writers make Rayna and Deacon end up together. The only problem is will he ever forgive her for not telling him that they have a daughter together?

I understand that Avery is mad that the record company messed up his sound, but burning thousands of dollars worth of masters is not the right way to handle it. Lets see if this will make him a better man. I wonder what his plans are now.

Juliette is finally owning up to her mistakes, like inviting the world to her concert. How did she think that would end up? I’m glad Deacon noticed Mattie so he could get to her before she was stomped on.

I think Mattie got off really easy considering. A guitar might not be the best present after her lie, but it might help in the long run.  I think Mattie will make some good music. With Rayna as her mom and Deacon as her dad, it’s in her blood.

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