Nashville Season 1 Episode 17

nsh-keyart-v2-630-jpg_223313 (1)Family tragedies always seem to bring people closer together, or tear them apart. In this case Rayna feels closer to her father after finding out the truth about her mother’s affair. And there is still a big spark between Rayna and Deacon. He flew all the way from New York just to be there for her, told Juliette that Rayna is his family and lied to his girlfriend. Would they just get together all ready?

Nashville really is a small town, well at least in the world of music. I had no idea that Watty was the musician that Rayna’s mom had an affair with. No wonder her dad has hated her career.

Tandy is an awesome sister. The scene where she goes and tells Teddy that his girlfriend was the one who leaked the divorce to the press was priceless. Teddy could hardly believe her. I wonder what that means for Teddy and Peggy now? Teddy basically left Rayna for Peggy.

Juliette has hired Dante as her manager? That won’t be complicated at all. I like that she is ambitious, but adding ten new songs the day of a show is too much. I understand her not wanting to cancel the show, but as Deacon said she could have hired an opening act. She’s trying to be mature about her career and I appreciate that, but she needs to come back down to earth.

You know why Rayna’s face is on a huge billboard? Because she focused on the music and not the endorsements. If Juliette keeps writing her amazing songs she’ll get there one day. She should focus on the music.

I’m so happy Scarlett signed the contract. She deserves it. I’m not so happy about Gunner hanging out with Will. He’s a really bad influence. There are better ways to heal then tempting fate. What if they would have died or got seriously hurt? I hope that was a one time thing.

Why is Deacon sticking up for Avery? Deacon seems to respect him more than he did when Avery was dating his niece. Is it the fact that he lost the record deal and he’s back out on the road working, even if he’s not playing? I definitely have major respect for him for taking a job. If only he had of done the right thing in the first place.

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