The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 19

The-Vampire-Diaries-the-vampire-diaries-20829391-1280-1024Tyler made a brief appearance, Elena tried to kill Bonnie, Bonnie almost killed Elena and Klaus let Tyler go. There was so much near death scenes in this episode. I actually thought April did die, but Rebekah came to the rescue.

So Elena has tried to kill both of her best friends. In a strange way I think that Elena trying to kill Bonnie was a break through for Damon and Stefan. They now know the way to break through to Elena. Fear. How are they going to scare a vampire with no feelings, though? Bonnie is extremely powerful, so she has the edge in scaring Elena, but what can Damon and Stefan do? At least they have a plan now, or at least a start of one.

Is Bonnie going to help Silas? The Salvatores were just saying that she wouldn’t give in to Silas. Impression is very dangerous, but I feel like that within their group they could figure out how to handle it. They’ve managed to handle everything else.

Bringing back everyone from the other side is a horrible idea. I know it would be nice to see Alaric and Lexie again, but is it worth it? And do we even know for sure that Jeremy is on the other side?

Why did Klaus let Tyler go? He’s obviously being lenient to Tyler for Caroline, but he would have a better chance with her if he just pardoned Tyler. Keeping Tyler away is not going to make Caroline fall in love with him.

Should Rebekah have gotten the cure? It’s a big decision and I don’t know if being human would have made Rebekah happy. I think she should just be a better person. She’s already got Matt changing his mind about her. She isn’t all bad, she’s just had a very hard life and a very long one. Maybe that’s why she wants the cure. She says she hasn’t lived, so she would live and then die. I for one am happy that she didn’t get the cure. She’s my favorite original.

Next week is all about the Originals, check out the preview:


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