‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Pays Tribute to Frost in Season Finale

"Here's to being an adult, it sucks." - Jane
“Here’s to being an adult, it sucks.” – Jane

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ ended the season with two episodes. The first was with a methodical sniper and the second with two angry wives and a lot of revelations.

The first case opened up with a man getting shot while arguing about a parking spot. The assumption at first was the man who stole the parking space did the shooting, but there was no gun and the wound couldn’t have been done by a hand gun. And that’s where this case got really interesting.

They went into the park to see where the shooter could have taken the shot. There was sniper streamers on poles and then Korsak found camouflage climbing pegs and a sniper nest.

Not long later there was another shooting, luckily this victim didn’t die. They found another sniper nest and this time the sniffer dogs led them to the sniper streamers and shell casing. They also found a lost man with serious mental problems. He thought he could turn into a werewolf. At first Maura thought it was a split personality, Schizophrenia disorder, but it turned out to be a tumor.

This lost man was their only hope and he no I.D. and no idea who he was. Jane gave him the name McGruff, after the crime fighting dog. Maura was able to get what little information McGruff could share with them, which wasn’t much, but he did get a look at the guy.

They were dealing with a very methodical killer.

With further investigation Korsak figured out that the second victim was the target and the first and planned third shooting, were to throw them off.

Maura had taken McGruff to the hospital for his tumor when she figured out what was wrong with him. Jane put a police guard on his door, because he was their only witness and could be a target.

The shooter did come to get him and McGruff got aggressive, like he did when he felt threatened. He also told her to run. Maura knew he had seen the shooter and called Jane. She also went after the shooter. She lost him and went to see if he took the stairs, he came up behind her and grabbed her. Maura was prepared for this though. She stabbed him with a scalpel.

He ran off, but Jane was able to cut him off. The investigation in this case was very interesting.

The second case started with a couple role playing. The husband was batman coming to save his wife, who was tied up and blind folded. He was knocked on the head and killed all while the wife was laying there handcuffed.

She seemed like the innocent widow. It was hard finding evidence of why this man could be murdered, till Jane found he had a second wife. Both wives seemed shocked that they weren’t the only one, but really they were both furious enough to kill their husband.

This episode had a lot more going on than just the case. In the first episode Maura became President elect for the New England Medical Officer’s committee. This was a great honor because she was the first in forensic pathology to be appointed this role.

Maura was name President of the New England Medical Officers committee.
Maura was name President of the New England Medical Officer’s committee.

The accomplish wore out fast when Jack told Maura that his ex-wife got a great opportunity with NASA, in New Mexico. He was trying to make it work with her and his daughter, but Maura knew the right thing to do was for him to move with his daughter and ex-wife. He couldn’t be away from his daughter, even part-time.

This led to the second episode where Maura was very upset. Jane was trying everything to make her feel better. She was willing to do everything Maura had said in the past to do, but she said would be boring. Nothing was working though, Maura didn’t want to do anything.

Then when Jane had to go check out a casino in Connecticut, she discovered the spa that Maura wanted to go to was right near the casino. She tricked Maura into going thinking they were going to go into the sweat lodge together, but Jane was really going to work on the case.

This was really good for Maura. She had some revelations while in the sweat lodge. She figured out what the murder weapon was and how to help Tasha, who had gotten into BCU, but didn’t get the financial aid she needed. She also figured something out about Jane, she just wouldn’t tell her. Lastly she realized that if an awesome guy like Jack can find her, another one can too.

Jane had her own revelation. She was sitting on a bench when she thought she saw Frost walking with his transformer. She ran after him, but kept getting stopped by cars and a closing elevator. When she finally caught up to him, there was no one there. The cleaning lady had moved his transformer on to Jane’s desk, while she was cleaning. The cleaning lady told Jane everything was going to be okay. While Jane was looking at Frost’s toy, she looked at photographs of the wives and figured out how to prove both women were behind the murder.

That wasn’t her real revelation though. She realized that she can handle anything that comes her way.

Angela also helped Korsak see that Kiki means more to him than just a life coach. He took her advice and is winding down their professional relationship, to open it up for more possibilities.

He also isn’t going to take the lieutenant test, because he likes working in the field.

The best part of the episode was when Korsak, Jane, Maura and Frankie gave Tasha a scholarship, The Barry Frost Memorial Scholarship.

I’ve really enjoyed how the writers have kept the memory of Barry alive after Lee Thompson Young took his own life. Lee was a great part of the cast and he’s been missed.

This wasn’t a typical season finale, but it was a nice way to wrap up a season.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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