‘Supernatural’: Revenge was the Theme

Sam was smart to read the journal, her spirit was holding on to the painting.
Sam was smart to read the journal, her spirit was holding on to the painting.

Sam and Dean were on a new case, but Sam’s not so sure it is a case.

There were three suicides in two weeks and there didn’t appear to be any connections. Dean suggested the connection was they were all Catholics. Sam strikes that down, there are a lot of Catholics in Massachusetts, he said.

The episode opened with a man coming out of confessional, taking a candle stick and stabbing himself. Then later after a husband comes out of confessional and goes home with his wife. Lisa and Frank McCarthy go home and Lisa stabs her husband with a pair of scissors. A ghost like form leaves her body and Lisa doesn’t remember a thing.

Sam and Dean go to speak to the Priest of the church and he introduces them to Sister Mathias, the director of social services.

Sam slips up and calls Dean by his own Agent name instead of Dean’s. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before.

Mathias told Dean that there were rumors that Frank was cheating one Lisa and she has reliable sources.

There’s there connection: guys doing women wrong.

Earlier in the episode Mathias was seen talking to another nun. The nun was telling the director about her broken heart. She continues her story and this time we are shown Florence, Italy, in 1520. It’s clear that we’ve found our ghost.

Isabella confessed her feelings to Piero, but he is too in love with his art to love her. He cares for her only because she is his muse and brings great things out in his art.

She catches him with another woman and she kills him.

Dean decides to go into the confessional in hope of luring out the ghost. He tells the priest about Gina and all the other girls, and sex and lasagna. The priest suggests he might need to have more of an inner exploration as well as the hail Marys.

Dean goes deeper while in the confessional. He talks about how he doesn’t want to die yet and he’s afraid his death is coming a lot sooner than he expected. He always thought he would die while hunting, but maybe not this soon.

The ghost doesn’t take Dean though, she took the priest.

Sister Mathias overheard Sam and Dean talking and then she figured out what was going on.

Dean actually gets deep with his confession.
Dean actually gets deep with his confession.

She went to them and told them about talking to spirits all the time. Earlier she did say she didn’t believe in ghosts though, clearly she was lying.

She’s very comfortable around ghosts and said eventually they find peace. Isabella’s ghost showed up when her family’s estate showed up at the church. Right when the murderers started.

Isabella was convicted of witch craft after she killed Piero. Dean told Sam to burn the estate and the journal. Sam is hesitant to burn the journal, incase there’s more to it.

Dean went off with the sister to find the ghost. Sam gets ready to burn the contents of the estate, but reads the journal before he does it.

Apparently she cut off the tip of her finger and told Piero to crush it and put it into the painting. That’s so creepy. It was the painting, not the journal, they needed to burn. Sam burned the painting just in time.

Isabella had already killed the priest and taken Sister Mathias. The ghost almost stabbed Dean, but Sam was on top of things. If he had listened to Dean, Dean would have been dead.

While Sam and Dean were working on a basic case, Crowley was dealing with his mother.

Rowena wanted to speak to the great coven and get her powers back and Crowley brought his mother the head of the coven.

Apparently the great coven has been weakened over the years by the Men of Letters. The witch told Rowena that the American chapter ended in the 1950s, but two of the members survived, Sam and Dean.

Rowena hasn’t liked the Winchesters since she met them and she doesn’t like her son’s relationship with them. When she approaches Crowley about dealing with them, he told her that he will handle them, but he’s not killing them.

Rowena got some revenge for herself, she turned the head of the great coven into a hamster.

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