‘Revenge’: Emily Thorn is no More

Emily Thorn is no more, Amanda Clarke has come clean to the world.
Emily Thorn is no more, Amanda Clarke comes clean.

Not only did Emily clear Daniel’s name, she also revealed who she really is, but was that maybe a step too far? Or was that her plan all along?

How much trouble will she get in now that she’s told the truth and will the media ever leave her alone?

Will Jack and Ben feel any of the fallout?

David and Jack are very happy that she’s revealed who she really is, but Nolan didn’t look too happy and I wish we got to see Victoria’s face when she told the world she was Amanda Clarke.

We did get to see Margaux and Victoria’s face when she told the world Daniel saved her. They were in shock.

Emily was feeling really bad about Margaux losing the baby and she wanted so desperately to clear Daniel’s name. She went to Jack to asked him to change his story, but he said he would think about it. Stevie rushes out and said he will do no such thing. She didn’t want Jack to be the collateral damage, again.

Stevie even went to David to get him to control his daughter, but as David said, they aren’t kids anymore.

Jack was feeling pretty good about his no. Even Nolan agreed it was a bad idea. Nolan told Emily to live the perks of a socialite. She deserved it. But she still couldn’t get rid of the guilt.

Instead of getting ready for Ben’s celebration party, Emily was getting out her frustration on her punching bag. Ben wasn’t too happy to hear she wanted to change her story on a case he closed. She told him he wouldn’t understand and he said he wanted to. He left without Emily, but assumed she would join him.

At the party Ben’s brother, Kevin, questions the relationship between Jack and Emily. Ben assures him that they go way back and are just friends. Emily’s face is on TV at the gala with Jack by her side. Ben kind of gets the wrong idea. Jack and Emily will never be just friends, but they didn’t exactly go to the gala on a date either.

I don’t know why Jack decided to stand with Emily, he seemed to be sure it was a bad idea. Maybe he felt as guilty as Emily did. His mother is not going to be happy.

Last week I thought Margaux purposely lost the baby, but it was just a complete accident. Though she wasn’t innocent. She had put a hit out on Emily and if it wasn’t for Margaux losing the baby, Emily would have a hitwoman to take care of.

Victoria and Margaux are shocked that Emily clears Daniel's name.
Victoria and Margaux are shocked that Emily restores Daniel’s name.

Marguax found the hitwoman and called it off. The assassin is not happy that her identity has been blown. Margaux told the woman if anything happened to her, an email would be sent to interpool letting them know her identity. She’s risking her own life because she doesn’t want to lose her soul.

Victoria wanted to get prosecutors on Emily, but Margaux said no. Of course what she didn’t tell Victoria was that Emily never pushed her.Margaux told her that Lyman ended up dead when he was running an errand for her. Margaux feels responsible for his death.

Victoria looks into the matter by going to see Ben. She claimed she wanted to make sure the case was closed properly. He told her that the case was already closed by him.

Nolan told Louise he would always be honest to her, but he wasn’t. He was only trying to protect her, but that has backfired. She was very fragile when coming home from her brother’s funeral and asked Nolan for a baby. Nolan absolutely freaked.

Last week Nolan started flirting with Tony and this week he lied to Louise about hanging out with him. Tony doesn’t want to be the other man though. Because it ended before it began, Nolan didn’t think there was anything to tell. Unfortunately, there was a picture taken of him with Tony and his friends. Louise knows he’s lying.

This doesn’t come at a good time either. Victoria paid her a visit and told her she’s trusting the wrong people. Now that Nolan’s lies keep piling up, could Louise change sides? The said thing is Nolan was pretty honest to her up until Tony. He didn’t tell her all of Emily’s secrets, but those weren’t his to tell.

Nolan finally asked for a divorce out of their fake marriage. It comes at a bad time, but it was always supposed to be temporary. I just don’t know what Louise will do.

‘Revenge’ will return April 12 and Emily will be feeling the fallout from telling the truth. Take a look at the promo:


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