How do we Feel about the Amanda Clarke Reveal?

Emily Thorn is no more, Amanda Clarke has come clean to the world.
Emily Thorn is no more, there is just Amanda Clarke.

On Sunday night Emily revealed to the world who she really is. It was very exciting as we watched her take a deep breath, before saying: “I am David Clarke’s daughter. I am Amanda Clarke.” But are we really happy that Emily Thorn is no more?

Emily has been able to get away with a lot and her takedowns have been legendary, but Amanda is no Emily Thorn. Amanda is someone Emily left behind a long time ago.

‘Revenge’ has been about Emily clearing her father’s name and this season the writers have been trying to remake the show, but should it not end when Emily’s revenge is over? I’ve said this before, even while I’ve been enjoying this season, though I’ve been confused about Louise’s place in the series. I still believe that ‘Revenge’ comes to an end, when Emily is done.

Now that Emily Thorn is no more, what’s next? How can she do all of her schemes while all eyes are going to be on her. I’m sure the media is going to be obsessed with her for a while. Will she get in trouble for fraud? Will there be any consequences for her years of revenge, more than she’s already experienced?

When ‘Revenge’ started I never thought of a time when Amanda could be herself, but I always wondered how long a show about revenge could run for.

I’m not sure if Amanda should have revealed herself yet, unless this is going to be the last season. ABC has yet to announce if the series will be renewed. I think that Amanda revealing herself signals the ending of the show. ‘Revenge’ can’t be the same now everyone knows that Emily is Amanda.

If the writers are wrapping up the series, I think this is a great way to do it. Now they just need to decide whether Amanda can live happily ever after or if she needs to die or end up alone.

What do you think? Is Amanda revealing herself jumping the shark? Do you think ‘Revenge’ is coming to an end?


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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