‘Chicago PD’: A Case that Matters to Voight

"The kid matters to Voight, so he matters to me." - Erin
“The kid matters to Voight, so he matters to me.” – Erin

Intelligence finds a turned over truck with $2 million of heroin in it and two dead kids.

Jay and Erin go to inform the family of one of the kids and finds his little sister and no one else. Jay searches the room while Erin asks the little girl questions. Apparently her brother Darius had two friends over, Andre and a guy she’s never met. Andre and Darius had guns. The missing kid, Charlie Gray, had Voight’s card in his wallet.

This doesn’t look very good for Voight and Jay calls him out on it. Voight goes to talk to Charlie’s mother, Michelle, but won’t tell Jay who she is.

Michelle told Voight that Charlie has nothing to do with it that he’s good now. She just gave him Voight’s card just in case.

Jay is not prepared to take Voight’s word that the kid isn’t caught up in this mess.

Erin guesses that the boys were the security detail and the mexicans came to rob them, that would explain the Melverde crystals found at the scene.

Ruzek was trying to figure out where the drugs were headed and Olinksy was about to head to the missing truck driver’s home.

They find where the drugs were headed and stake the place out, but they get made. Attwater goes in with Ruzek, talking to the boys that walk out and tells them they are going back inside. Jay and Erin go in behind them. The boys are panicking saying you don’t want to do that.

They really didn’t want to do that. The place starts going up in flames and they are trapped in. The door only opens from the outside and there are no more doors.

Erin spots a fan in an opening. Attwater helps Jay up and he knocks the fan out and runs around to get them out.

When they question the boys they find that the dead boys did the robbing and it was the mexican’s drugs.

Jay apologizes for questioning Voight and Voight tells him the truth. Michelle use to be intimate with on of his C.I.s and that C.I. pulled a knife on her and he killed the informant. Michelle actually knew more information. He trusts her word.

Erin asks Jay what Voight said and tells him that he wouldn’t like what Voight did for her. He wants to believe he could handle it.

“The kid matters to Voight, so he matters to me,” Erin said.

Nadia gets screamed at just like the officers in intelligence.
Nadia gets screamed at just like the officers in intelligence.

Olinksy and Ruzek go to see the truck driver’s step son. The step son comes up with this story of his step father being in Wisconsin. But when Mouse calls to find out how it went with the bomb shelter, they go back in. The truck diver, Aaron, was hiding in the shelter.

He didn’t know what was in his truck, he just got money to transport it and he confirmed that Charles was the third kid.

Jay was also finding evidence against Charles. Voight went back to Michelle, but she still claimed that he’s innocent.

Then she calls when Charles had been shot. Voight calls Jay and asks for his brother, the surgeon.

Charles was just trying to protect his mother. He was told if he didn’t drive the truck, then they would kill his mother.

Charles has two bullets in him. Will works on him right on the kitchen table, but in the middle of it, the men are there to get Charles.

Jay tells his brother to hurry up, but Will can’t move Charles till he closes the artery or he will bleed to death.

Will finishes up and moves him and the mother to the basement, but the men are already in the house.

Jay shoots at one and then gets in a fight with another one. The man gets away and goes after Charles. Jay comes down the stairs and Voight goes around back. Voight shoots him dead.

He gets Charles and his mother to Canada and gives them money to start fresh. Charles asks him why he helps people like them, and he replies, he’s never thought about it.

Jay is vague on the circumstances on what just went down to his brother.

They get very personal. Jay is mad at Will for not being in Chicago when their mother was dying and Will replies you left too. Jay responds with he went to war and came home. And apparently Jay hasn’t talked to his father in about two years. Will’s sudden appearance in Chicago is letting us get to know Jay better.

Looks like Will will be in the ‘Chicago Med’ spin-off. He tells Jay the hospital need ER surgeons.

Nadia had some excitement of her own. She went on a ride along with Burgess and Roman and got in some pretty scary stuff.

Burgess and Roman knock on a door that a couple is tied up in. While they are in the house, Nadia spots two suspicious looking guys sneaking out of a house. She tries to call Burgess and Roman, but no answer. She decides to go after them.

She blocks the guys in their truck and pretends to be a police officer but they start shooting at her.

Burgess comes out of the house and hears the shots and they go run to find her and where the shots are coming from. Burgess also calls for back-up.

They get the guys and Burgess runs to the car to make sure Nadia is all right.

Platt reprimands Burgess and Roman for ruining yet another vehicle and Nadia gets screamed at by Commander Fischer. But as Erin told her, in Intelligence that just mean your doing your job.

Nadia still wants to be a police officer and Erin is determined to help her.

We got to see the softer side of Platt this week. She hung out with Darius’ sister and wouldn’t let the girl’s aunt take her away when she came in high. The girl was very grateful to Platt and gave her a big hug.

Next week the C.P.D.’s most wanted felon is back. Take a look at the promo:


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