‘Nashville’: Rayna Can’t Keep Away from Deacon

They had to fight it out before they could break through.
They had to fight it out before they could break through.

Rayna and Deacon are finally together, but not in the way we all envisioned. They are going to fight this cancer together, even if it’s to the end.

Deacon didn’t want Rayna to stand by him, because he didn’t want her to watch him die. They argued and it was heartbreaking. Rayna broke one of his guitars when he said nothing mattered. She said her heart was broken when he didn’t believe enough in them.

Through everything Ryana never gave up and finally Deacon kissed her! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, just like many other fans. I enjoyed their intimate evening together, but it was short lived. They had to tell Maddie.

For a brief moment Maddie was so happy that her parents were finally together, but then Deacon told her about his cancer and she broke down crying. I wasn’t looking forward to this moment. I’m glad it didn’t last very long.

On a happier note, the band is on tour! Avery is having some separation anxiety. He was constantly calling Juliette to check up on her and the baby. It was so sweet when he sang to the baby through face time though. I’m glad Avery and Juliette are so happy, they deserve it.

Scarlett was having her own anxiety. They were heading to Chicago, to the very arena that she had her breakdown at. It was occupying her mind and bothering her more than she would like to admit. Then Gunnar set the band up on Twitter, most of the comments were great, but some people were really cruel about Scarlett’s breakdown.

She responded to the woman and more people started lashing out. It was awful. Scarlett said she just tried to explain what really happened, but no one wanted to hear it. So Gunnar said she’s probably not saying it the right way and they wrote a song and debut it that night.

The song was amazing! She killed it up there and hushed all the haters.

There was a nice moment between Gunnar and Scarlett, but Caleb came to surprise her. Avery told Gunnar to act quickly if he wanted her back.

Gunnar acted, but he was too late. Scarlett went to see Caleb at his room. Though I think she’s moving a little too fast. It was sweet that Caleb flew up to Chicago after one date, but she shouldn’t sleep with him. Maybe it’s just me wanting Gunnar and Scarlett to get back together. I like Caleb, but he’s no Gunnar.

Will you follow The Triple Xs?
Will you follow The Triple Xs?

Scarlett wasn’t the only one being strong, Layla has come a long way. She had a little moment when she was being jealous over Jeff and a woman he slept with a few times, but in the end, she chose herself.

I think Jeff does care about her, but can he really commit to her? As Layla said, their manager and client relationship works and they should just stick with that.

If Jeff really wants to change, I think he should fight for her. Otherwise he will be right, that he’s got nothing left to lose if Natasha tells the F.B.I. that he was one of her clients. Teddy is determined to take Jeff down with him if he goes down, but Jeff has fallen pretty far already.

Teddy is floundering. He’s working with Lamar’s guy and I think he’s go to dig himself a bigger hole. He’s trying to get a couple $100,000 to set Natasha up, but he has no way of getting the money, so he’s going to do whatever it takes. Even if that means ruining someone else. I can’t believe what he’s become.

Will is another one who has floundered from time to time, but now he’s doing better. He just wrote an amazing song and he reached out to Kevin. He had walked away when Kevin said he didn’t want to work with him because Will was uncomfortable with him. Will went back and told Kevin he may understand what he’s doing  through and Kevin agreed. I’m glad he’s slightly come out to someone else. That’s a start. Maybe he can figure out how to be comfortable with himself in the spotlight.

Sadie took her past and brought it out in the spotlight and it backfired. I knew Pete would come after her. And I knew he would get shot.

It was such a light episode for Sadie. There was a connection between her and Luke and when he asked to walk her to her car, I wish she said yes. He turned up after she shot Pete. She was just trying to protect herself, but it still doesn’t look good. She won’t be able to put this behind her after all.

Next week Juliette’s baby is coming! Take a look at the promo:


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