‘Bones’: Brennan Gets a Lesson in Twitter

Ms. Warren was teaching Brennan everything from hashtags to selfies.
Ms. Warren was teaching Brennan everything from hashtags to selfies.

Brennan entered the world of social media this week and gained almost 3,000 followers. It was a rocky start when she had only 10 followers. She was posting long articles about things people don’t understand. When Brennan asked Ms. Warren for help, that’s when her twitter followers started soaring and she really got the hang of selfies and hashtags. ‘Bones’ has entered a whole new world now that Brennan has joined social media.

This week the squints were on a case very close to Caroline’s heart. When a United Teaching Fellow teacher is killed, Caroline jumps into action. She doesn’t want this murder to ruin the reputation of the program. They do so much to help underprivileged students. Caroline is on the board for the program and she also started with nothing like so many of the students.

The evidence took them in many directions. Cam discovered that the the victim, Mia, had been standing for four to eight hours after her death and Hodgins found that she had been doused in disinfectant. The assumption was she was killed in a semi-public space. Brennan than noticed the skull had marks consistent with hooks from a locker. She was sure of it because she had been stuffed in a locker several times at school.

When Booth and Brennan went to look at the school their deputy dog found the locker she was stuffed in, but it wasn’t registered to any students. The dog also pinned the janitor, but even with his criminal past, he was not the murderer.

At one point they thought the boyfriend had killed Mia. And for those ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ fans, I’m sure they would have been very happy to see Nathaniel Buzolic guest starring, even though he didn’t get much screen time. 

The boyfriend was cheating on Mia and lied about his coffee tour, but he still wasn’t the murderer.

Next the evidence led back around to Keith. He had charges of assault with a knife and Mia had been cut by a knife, his knife in fact. Everything wasn’t as it appeared though. She cut herself with the knife to make sure Marcellus was back in school. He had missed several days because he got a job and Mia assumed that was Keith’s doing. It wasn’t, but she was determined. She threatened to say he attacked her if Marcellus wasn’t back in school.

Keith was adamant that he didn’t kill her, but wouldn’t tell them where he was the day of her murder.

Aubrey spoke with Marcellus and was able to persuade the boy to tell him. Keith was at the grocery store steeling food so Marcellus could eat. Keith already had two strikes and another one would mean Marcellus would go into foster care. Aubrey didn’t press any charges. This unfortunately led to another dead end.

Then new evidence led the way to the killer. The knee caps and back had been intentionally hit after Mia was killed, so why? The body had been in the locker so long it would have been stiff, striking the knees and back would have made it easier to move and fold into position, but not in a trunk of a car, in the passenger seat. So who had a small car with no drunk? Then Hodgins founds particulars of a really good eraser, just like you have for taking a test. This led them around to the teacher, Shane Gentry.

He had changed the answers on the test with his eraser, so his students could get higher test scores. He was up for a job at the Department of Education and wanted to make himself look good. Mia had caught him cheating. He didn’t mean to kill her, but she wouldn’t give him the tests back and she started screaming, so he strangled her to shut her up. He didn’t believe anyone really wanted to work at that school.

Mia did. She cared about her students. She had charts on her personal computer about her student’s progress. She really cared.

Caroline took a personal interest in Keith and Marcellus. She was going to be Marcellus’ tutor and was making Keith get his G.E.D., plus she took them out for a meal at the diner.

Next week they find four victims in the same location and it looks to be a dangerous killer. Take a look at the promo:


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