‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Derek is All Grown Up

Can Derek be the number 2 this time around?
Can Derek be the number 2 this time around?

It was just a quiet day in the hospital. There was even a 5th grade field trip taking a tour of the hospital. Then a police car drives up to the ER and brings in a wounded cop. There was another wounded cop and a wounded suspect on the way.

Richard had to usher the kids out and send them to the baby ward. Arizona was standing with Alex talking about the baby she saved and called it a pop tart. Alex questioned ‘pop tart’ and she said popped out of the womb, then a kid asked what a womb was. Arizona had no idea how to explain it to a 5th grader. Then there was a little girl that kept asking if the cop was going to die.

The doctors were hard at working trying to save two cops, who turned out to be brothers, and the 15-year-old suspect.

The first cop was down for 14 minutes. Maggie managed to get his heart pumping again, but it was too late, he was brain dead. The second cop was still in surgery. Everything was going great. Meredith was done and leaving and April was finishing up and was going to let Jo close. Then he had a massive stroke and he was also brain dead.

The 15-year-old wasn’t doing much better. His liver was a goner and if they couldn’t find him a new one, he wasn’t going to make it. Bailey made it her mission to get the boy a new liver.

Meredith had to go ask the two cop’s mother if they were donors or if she was willing to donate their organs. She was fine with it. Said they would have wanted it until Bailey came in and pleaded her case for the 15-year-old boy who killed her sons.

There’s no way of actually knowing if he even had a gun, the police said he was the driver. But the mother just jumped to the conclusion that the young boy killed her boys.

There was one more cop that was injured, shot in the leg. Callie was attending to him and updating him on his fellow officers. He didn’t need surgery, just a splint.

He kept asking about the boy. Callie assumed it was because he blamed him, but it wasn’t. Apparently they all new the boy. He was a troubled lost boy, they were trying to help and if Bret, one of the officers, was there, they would be helping him. Except what he didn’t know was the young boy was about to die if he didn’t get a liver.

Officer Pruitt convinced the mother of his colleagues to donate the liver to the 15-year-old. The boy got a second chance and a lot of other transplant patients were saved.

We may see Pruitt again. He told Callie if it was a regular day he would ask her out. She told him he had to come back in 10 days for a follow-up. Will he ask her then?

Once upon a time Jackson didn't think the Plastics posse was cool either.
Once upon a time Jackson didn’t think the Plastics posse was cool either.

Stephanie met a guy in all the chaos as well. She was flirting with a teacher on the field trip. They were really getting along. She didn’t know if she could date a teacher. Jo said to her: “You’re hot for teacher, just let it happen.” So Stephanie did and asked him out. Turns out he’s not a teacher, he’s 17! He couldn’t get a drink with her because he’s not 21 and he couldn’t get coffee with her on Friday because he had junior prom. Maybe she shouldn’t widen her horizons too much.

Derek is back. And he’s not the same Derek we know. Amelia was very tentative about his return, seeing as he’s not good at being number two. It turns out he’s got his priorities straight now. He wants to coach soccer and and go to ballet recitals. It’s a very different Derek.

Meredith is enjoying him being home. She has everything she’s ever wanted.

Amelia is falling in love with Owen and she’s terrified. She thinks loving Owen will destroy her. Derek told her it wouldn’t be love if it didn’t destroy her.

Next week relive the very first ‘Grey’s’ episode at 8 and at 9 Amelia will be running away from Owen scared. Take a look at the promo:


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