‘Revenge’: Amanda Clarke Exposed to the World

Amanda opened up to the world what it was really like to clear her father's name.
Amanda opened up to the world what it was really like to clear her father’s name.

When we last saw Emily she was announcing to the world that she is Amanda Clarke. With that one statement, Emily Thorn is no more and neither is the revenger that we know and love.

She’s turning back into the young Amanda Clarke, but we’ll have to see how much of Emily is left behind.

How much of her time as Emily will come back to bite her? David made a deal with the government that if he didn’t sue for his 20 years of being falsely accused as a terrorist, they wouldn’t press charges of fraud.

Amanda and David also had to stop everyone she ruined from coming back to seek revenge on her. This led to reminiscing about her many takedowns over the last four years.

If only that would be that. Louise is so angry at Nolan for not telling him the truth, but Emily’s secret wasn’t his to tell. Louise found the thumb drive and has given it to Victoria. This has a lot of information to take both Amanda and Nolan down.

Amanda was furious at Nolan for keeping all of those files. He wanted a memento to remember what they had accomplished. Nolan wanted to help fix it, but Amanda said she’ll do it herself.

Victoria went straight to the press, but it turns out they would rather have an exclusive with Amanda than Victoria. Amanda made a deal that she would sit down with them live and no question was off limits, but they could never put Victoria on camera.

Nolan was having a pity party for himself. He knew he screwed up. Jack told him not to beat himself up about it. Nolan now believes that him and Amanda aren’t really friends. Jack had to remind him that he is. He said they are the “dynamic duo”. They both seem to have a blind spot when it comes to Amanda. Jack said she’s just scared.

They sat and watched the interview together. The interview was very emotional. The question of how high the cost was, was a brutal question. The cost was of course high. The real Emily Thorne died protecting her. Her half sister Charlotte had a downward spiral of depression and drugs and Aiden lost his life.

She didn’t out right say Victoria killed Aiden, but she certainly alluded to it or at least that Victoria crossed the line. Amanda did say she had to physically harm people on her journey, but she never crossed that line.

Amanda has now left it in Victoria’s hands to end the feud. At the beginning of the episode Victoria was all ready to take Amanda down. She used her own hacker to break the encryption on Nolan’s files and exposed Louise to the truth. Louise now wants to take down Nolan, but Victoria said, first she was going to take care of Amanda.

Victoria tried to get Margaux on board, but she wanted nothing to do with it. Margaux confessed she lied to Victoria about Amanda pushing her. She blames herself for losing the baby. She said she was too consumed with her vendetta and if she wasn’t, she would still have the baby. She was focused on Daniel’s name being vindicated now. Margaux told Victoria that she wouldn’t stand in her way, but she wasn’t going to help.

That all changed after Amanda’s interview. Margaux was furious about the lie about Victoria killing a man when she was 15. This wasn’t actually true, her mother made her take the blame. So in records it was factual, but in truth, it was just another cover up. But it was Amanda’s intent to paint Victoria in a bad light.

Margaux wants to resurrect Victoria’s name and Victoria feels defeated.

Amanda really doesn't know what's going to happen next.
Amanda really doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.

It looks like Victoria and Margaux won’t be the people Amanda will have to worry about. From a tropical destination, her face is put in a red circle, which I can only assume is Lydia Davis. Will she come back to seek revenge on Amanda?

If you thought Amanda and Jack’s time had come, think again. Nolan tried to get Jack to go to Amanda, but Jack doesn’t believe they were meant to be anymore.

It doesn’t look like Amanda will be seeing much of Ben either. He’s furious at her for not consulting him before her reveal. He’s having to answer lots of questions and that’s not even him explaining how he closed a case she covered up.

Is ‘Revenge’ coming to an end? This episode seems to point in that direction and the preview for next week also suggests the end. Take a look at the promo:


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