‘The Following’: Flesh and Blood Means Nothing to Their New Target

How many identities does this man have?
How many identities does this man have?

Donovan was still searching for the wrong man, while Theo was chopping up Tucker, the man they were searching for. Ryan was still adamant that they were chasing the wrong man. Donovan was about ready to replace Ryan.Donovan was just following the evidence and not reading the evidence.

So once again Ryan, Mike and Max are off on their own searching for the real killer. They widened their search to all employees of Manatech.

During their search, they found Sam Lewis. His life was so perfect it couldn’t be real. He was a part-time programmer at the company and was never late. He went to work and went home. This put up a red flag. Max had a run in with him last week.

Mike and Ryan check out his house, but of course all there was, was a suitcase with his I.D. for Manatech an some clothes. Then Ryan found the camera. He wanted them to get out right way, it could be a trap. It was a trap they jumped into bathtub as the house blew up.

They were a little battered, but okay. Max looked worried when she saw Mike. Which made me feel like there is still hope for these two, there are clearly still feelings.

Donovan finally believes Ryan, but as they were investigating the house, Max was watching Sam’s picture vanish from the database. There was a self destruct code on the picture. Sam was gone.

Donovan wanted a sketch of the man. Max had to work with a sketch artist to remember a man she briefly met.

Their next step was figuring out who vouched for him. Manatech works with the F.B.I., so he had to pass a background check.

Eldon Wyck, attorney, vouched for Sam, so they checked out his house. Numerous hanging ears were found in the basement and a dead body with the top of his dead torn off, with the brain exposed. Wyck showed up and Ryan was able to catch him.

Theo was cleaning up mess after mess this week and tried to kill Ryan and Mike.
Theo was cleaning up mess after mess this week and tried to kill Ryan and Mike.

Wyck didn’t know who Sam was. All he knew was Sam had information on him and threatened to expose him. All Sam wanted in return, was for him to plant HR documents at his company and vouch for him.

He still had the flash drive, which was the one piece of evidence that was any use. The flash drive had a fingerprint of coding on it.

Max found the same coding broke into Bob’s email in Maryland.

Theo had a lot of cleaning up to do this week. Bob’s wife, Nancy, was on to him, but not in the way he thought. She thought he was cheating on Cindy, his wife. He planned a surprise birthday party to conceal that fact that he’s hiding something. That would explain the sneaking around, but Nancy still pushed and that led Sam to killing Bob and Nancy to make it look like a murder suicide.

So Max looked on Bob and Cindy’s Facebook and found Sam. He was hiding his face, but she knew it was him. They used face recognition on the wife and looked up her DMV records. Their mystery man was Theo Noble.

Theo got an alert that his wife’s records were accessed. He looked surprised that it got this far. He could only do one thing, kill his wife. He at least only drugged his kids and they were going to be okay. Max, Ryan and Gina were too late to save the wife, but they saved the kids.

Gina was on the verge of retiring, but Ryan dragged her back in. She said she was in until she caught the guy, but with this latest murder and the kids, she can’t do it anymore.

“This job steals your soul Ryan,” Gina said to him and said he should get out too and spend his life with Gwen while he still can.

He’s messing up his relationship with Gwen already. He was late to her dinner with her boss and his wife. Then the boss didn’t believe it was right to put Joe to death and this set Ryan off. He ended up kicking them out of his apartment.

Ryan is not doing well. He’s having hallucinations of Joe. When Ryan tells Gwen he was almost blown up, he said him and Joe were. When he meant to say Mike.

Joe is on the verge of being put to death and invited Ryan to his death. Ryan declined and this really hurt Joe.

Joe imagined himself breaking out of prison yet again and Ryan coming to the rescue. I almost hoped this was real, but Joe was much better secured than in his daydream.

The chase for Theo isn’t over, he’s in the wind and has told Ryan he has many identities. Next week he shows Ryan how he can get to him. Take a look at the promo:


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