‘Nashville’: The Secrets are Starting to Unravel

They are finally going to be a family!
They are finally going to be a family!

Deacon is finally being honest about his cancer and that’s making Maddie be honest too.

She was sneaking around with Luke’s son, Colt, and wasn’t talking to either of her parents. She was being so rude to them too. Once Deacon decided to be honest to himself and the world, Maddie opened up.

He even told Luke about his cancer. That was a hard moment. Luke went from hating Deacon to feeling for him in that moment. He’s even willing to do anything for Deacon. It’s amazing how the C-work brings everything into perspective about what is important.

Luke told Deacon to beat this thing because he has a lot to live for.

Deacon is finally moving in too and the girls are happy about it. I think it was right of them to wait for the girls to suggest it. That wasn’t what they were really waiting for, but it’s nice that the girl’s suggested it. Deacon will feel happier about moving in that way.

It was nice to see Maddie smiling again. Her world is about to be turned upside down again.

Natasha played Teddy. She worked with the F.B.I. to set Teddy up. She wore a wire when he brought the money. What will they do to him? Maddie has one dad dying, she doesn’t need her other going to jail. He promised her he wouldn’t leave.

While Teddy is making bad choices, Avery is making right choices. He worked so hard for the journalist to see them as a band and now he’s leaving the band. Juliette isn’t embracing motherhood, she’s running from it. She hired a nanny without consulting Avery and flew to L.A. without telling him too. She wants her career more than her daughter, Cadence.  Avery now has to sacrifice his career for their daughter.

Will Gunnar and Scarlett continue? They were both watching the video of them singing together on repeat. Caleb is worried about them, and so he should be. Scarlett doesn’t want a duo, but it would be a shame for them to break-up completely. Is there any way to make this work?

Will might be making something work. He tried to prolong his time with Kevin, but instead, insulted his song writing. Gunnar suggested he bring whiskey to Kevin and apologize. Plus invite him to the band’s gig. Will did all of that, but wasn’t able to talk to Kevin at the performance.

Will left in a hurry and Kevin stopped by. Will was finally honest. Kevin suspected, but didn’t know Will was interested in him. Kevin is interested too!

Layla finally came clean to Rayna about Jeff being her manager. Jeff got Layla an opening spot for Jade’s concert. Christina Aguilera guest starred at the pop star who use to be engaged to Jeff. It looks like she hurt him bad. It wasn’t easy for him to talk to Jade. Jeff has done a lot of bad things, but when it comes to Layla, he’s good her career. Maybe Rayna will see that eventually.

Christina was amazing. Her performance was amazing! It was like a Christina concert. And she will be back again next week!

Next week Deacon also gets a liver! Take a look at the promo:


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