The Long Burn of ‘Revenge’

Is this really the last we'll see of Victoria?
Is this really the last we’ll see of Victoria?

Can Victoria’s death confirm that ‘Revenge’ is ending? Nina Dobrev left ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and while I still believe there is no ‘TVD’ without Elena, there really is no ‘Revenge’ without Victoria.

When Victoria said she was going to end it, I assumed that she would be going after Emily to end it. And Victoria didn’t really need to end her life, Emily was done. She was walking away. Or are Mason and Jack right? She can never stop.

What will Emily do when she finds out Victoria blew herself up in Grayson Manor? We saw in the preview that the house was going to go up in flames, but I never thought Victoria would be in it, sitting on her thrown. Though I think it’s quite fitting that her her thrown came back for the end, assuming this is the end.

Victoria was very defeated in this episode. She told the doctor she fell, instead of telling him that Emily attacked her to get the drive. Margaux wouldn’t let Emily get away with it and called the F.B.I. Victoria handed the evidence over before they walked out for the fire alarm, but of course Emily was there to retrieve the evidence. Victoria freaked out after Emily got the drive. Victoria wasn’t even this bad when her son died.

This led Victoria to end it. I still don’t know why Victoria dying was the way to end it. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. Louise and Margaux are set on making Emily pay. Though I don’t think ‘Revenge’ would have quite the same punch with out Victoria Grayson.

I'm guessing Nolan has always been team Jack, seeing as how hard he keeps fighting for these two!
I’m guessing Nolan has always been team Jack, seeing as how hard he keeps fighting for these two!

Victoria wasn’t the only one to made a grand exit. Jack also left. He took Carl and moved to L.A. and only said goodbye to Nolan. Nolan went to Emily and fought for the two of them. Ben walked up as they were having this conversation and learned the truth of where Emily’s heart really lies. They were both fooling themselves and didn’t want to face reality. Ben left wounded, but knew the truth. Emily now had a decision to make, but it was too late. Jack wouldn’t take her call and she got to the airport after he left.

Mason was there to greet her though and not with kind words. He was upset that Emily told the story he was supposed to tell. He doesn’t believe that she exists without revenge.

“Did you really think they’d wait forever?” Mason said to Emily. Jack didn’t wait. Nolan would have stood by her side to the very end though. She had to push him to live, so he could have a life after.

Nolan was so wrapped up in their mission and loved what they had. Now he is moving on, with Tony. Even after a rocky night, he still came back. Does anyone else question how perfect he is though? He could be as perfect as he seems, but after everything they’ve seen, it’s hard not to question someone’s motives. Nolan thought he could trust Louise, but she was easily taken over to Victoria’s side.

Emily thought she was done with the battle, but now her dad is starting his fight against Lymphoma. He didn’t have the heart to tell her. All he wanted was to see her happy and she finally was, how could he ruin that? He won’t go through it alone though. Stevie will be there, or at least till he tells Emily.

Everything is changing. Jack changed the headstone on the real Emily Thorn’s grave and Stevie changed Carl’s birth certificate to his mother’s real name. Emily Thorn as we knew her is really gone.

How will these finally episodes play out, especially seeing as Victoria is gone? And is this really the end?

Next week Emily will be looked in what appears to be Victoria’s murder. Will she be able to prove her innocence? Take a look at the promo:


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