‘Nashville’: The Calm Before the Storm

The liver was just false hope for us fans!
The liver was just false hope for us fans!

I guess we should have never thought it was going to be that easy for Deacon to be cured. The writers gave us hope and then they took it away.

I was worried about Deacon from the beginning of the episode. He was coughing. Then he got the call about the liver and I thought everything would be alright. Well I thought that for a second. Then I thought, it’s too early in the episode for good news, something bad is coming.

He had a fever of 100.5 and had to take tests to make sure he was up for surgery. Turns out it was just a sinus infection, so it was back on. Then when they took the liver out of the other guy, they found cancerous legions on the person’s lungs. They wanted to be safe, so the surgery didn’t happen.

Scarlett is not handling this well. When Deacon had to take tests, she asked Caleb to persuade the surgical team to operate anyways, even though he could reject the liver if something was seriously wrong with him. Caleb said no. Scarlett later apologized to him for that.

The one good thing that came out of this was Scarlett asking Deacon and Rayna how they continued singing even though it was so complicated. Rayna said, them being so complicated is what made the music great. So Gunnar and Scarlett are no longer looking for a replacement, they are just going to be a duo. Before Scarlett got the text from Deacon to go to the hospital, she was ready to give up on the band. No one was as good as Avery, so she wouldn’t pick one.

Gunnar is finally in the loop about Deacon. It’s about time she told him. She needs more people to lean on. I wish Rayna had someone to lean on. She was praying for guidance at the end. Rayna has to be strong for Deacon and Maddie.

There may be more going on with Juliette than meets the eye. She’s so terrified of losing her career that she’s fighting too hard for it. She made a scene at the charity event when she told Jade that she doesn’t belong in Nashville. Avery wants to be let in, but Juliette says she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Could this be postpardarm depression?

Christina Aguilera’s character, Jade, is trying to break into country music. She wanted to do a duet with Luke to help convince her label that she should do a country album. He told her he didn’t have time, but would bring her to a charity event with lots of people in the industry. First Luke introduced her to Will and then Layla sat down and interrupted their conversation. Jade was very impressed with Layla when she opened for her concert. Jade told her she was hoping she would be bad because she didn’t want Jeff to be right. Jeff was not happy to see them talking.

Christina Aguilera could totally do country.
Christina Aguilera could totally do country.

The biggest event of the night was auctioning off a performance on demand. Bucky was bidding on Juliette to perform, so she could get back on stage. But Jade decided to bid on Layla after she heard Juliette talking down to Layla in the bathroom. It was a very heated battle. Juliette even made Avery bid after he showed up to support her. In the end Jade bid $500,000 and Layla won. Juliette was so mad that she said some harsh words.

Jade was upset, so Luke took her to the Bluebird to restore her faith in country music and even got her up on stage. She sang his old song, ‘Shotgun’.

She continues with flattery and ends up pulling Luke into her room. Is Jade being a fangirl just so happy to meet her idol, or is she not as innocent as she seems? Jeff seems to know more about her than he’s letting on. He told Layla she uses people and then throws them away when she doesn’t need them anymore. Can we get more details?

This made Layla realize that his feelings for her are true. Will said Jeff only likes her when she’s making him money, but Jeff was willing to give up a lot of money when he told her not to tour with Jade. Sure it could be wounded feelings as well, but what exactly happened between them?

This led Layla to go back to him. Can they have a professional and personal relationship?

Will may have found a real boyfriend. He’s been fooling around with Kevin, but now he wants to get more serious while he’s figuring it out. He hated seeing Kevin at the charity event with another guy. Kevin is completely fine with him figuring it out. They are just so cute together!

Daphne felt a little hurt when her mother and sister ran off to the hospital to be there for Deacon. She really wanted to perform. So Teddy asked Luke to fill in for Rayna and have Daphne sing with him. It seemed a little awkward at first, him inviting her up. But her performance took away all the awkwardness.

It’s a shame she doesn’t feel more included with Deacon and Maddie. She’s asked Teddy if she can move in with him, but it’s just a matter of time until his indiscretions come back to haunt him.

Next week Juliette is back on stage and Maddie is caught in a compromising position! Take a look at the promo:


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