‘Supernatural’: Can the Werther Box Save Dean?

Sam risked his life yet again to save his brother.
Sam risked his life yet again to save his brother.

So what does Rowena want in return for decoding the Book of the Damned? Crowley dead! The writers can’t kill of Crowley! Luckily his death won’t be coming anytime soon. First Rowena has to decode the book and find a cure.

No wonder Sam and Charlie couldn’t decode the book, they needed the codex. Nadia, an old coven witch, was killed by the Men of Letters and the codex was taken from her. So Sam didn’t have to go far to search for it. He found evidence of the codex right in their bunker.

He listened to a recording of a meeting from Cuthbert Sinclair’s expulsion. The same Men of Letters member that tried to make Dean into a Zoo exhibit. He created the werther box to stop anyone from getting their hands on the codex. Two Men of Letters died trying to get the box open.

At the beginning of the episode a girl opens the box in 1973, in a house in St. Louis. She’s knocked out, while a green smoke goes into her family and makes them all commit suicide. This dubbed the house a suicide house.

Sam calls Rowena to tell her he had a lead. He needed a spell to break the enchantment. She believed the Cabirian Invocation would do the trick. She wanted to come with, because she believed Sam wasn’t up to the task in casting the invocation.

Sam went to the house alone, assumed it was empty and tried to pick the lock. But Susie still lived in the house. The girl who opened the box. She stuck her gun out the letter box and he had no choice but to leave.

Rowena wasn't too happy about the new arrangement. How badly does she want her son dead?
Rowena wasn’t too happy about the new arrangement. How badly does she want her son dead?

Dean showed up. Dean had earlier killed six vamps by himself and Sam wasn’t impressed. Dean assumed Sam was trying to teach him a lesson. So Sam had to spin the truth. All Dean knew about the house was it was a suicide house and a very cold case. Sam told Dean about the box, but not the whole truth. Just that the Men of Letters created and it was their responsibility, their legacy was to take care of it.

So Dean tried knocking on the door and posing as a neighborhood watch person. He got in the house and distracted Susie, while Sam got to the box.

Susie knew what they were after. No one ever knocks on her door and now she’s gotten two visitors in one hour.

Sam was in the middle of doing the invocation when Dean called him to come upstairs. It was probably him being distracted, but his spell didn’t work and the green smoke was let out when Sam opened the box.

Susie quickly committed suicide after seeing her dead family. Then Susie came back to plead with Sam to kill himself, but it was going to take a lot more than that. So Rowena showed up. It appeared that the witch was really there, but she was just the enchantment getting inside Sam’s head.

Dean was also plagued by this, but his came in the form of Purgatory and his old friend Bennie. Bennie tried to tell Dean he wanted to be in Purgatory and seeked the purity of killing with out consequence. When Dean refused that theory, Bennie said he should take his own life because having Sam and Cass do it as a last resort would destroy them.

Dean came really close in accepting that fate. Bennie gave him his weapon in the figment and in reality, Dean broke from his ropes and grabbed a bottle. He broke it and looked ready to use it. But Dean still has hope and stabbed Bennie with the weapon instead. The figment disappeared then.

Meanwhile the Rowena figment had revealed the inscription and Sam figured out how to open the box. Men of Letters’ blood, his blood.

He started draining his blood and the box started opening. But then it stopped. Rowena said it wanted all of it. Then Dean comes running down. This is when you figure out Rowena isn’t really there. Sam tells Dean how to open it. So Dean assumes it doesn’t have to be one Men of Letters’ blood and gives it his. The box opens and they have the codex.

But Sam isn’t prepared to tell Dean what it is. He claims he doesn’t know what it is. There’s a hint in Dean’s voice that seems like he may know more than what he’s letting on. He may not know the details, but he might suspect it has something to do with saving him.

Sam meets with Rowena and puts her in, what I can only assume are magic binding chains. He’s going to keep her there until she cracks the code and finds a cure for Dean. She is not happy about this arrangement at all.

Next week a heavenly assassin leads them to a teenage girl. Take a look at the promo:


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