‘Revenge’ Review: Will Victoria Win the War?

Victoria wasn't going to lose the war. She ended with a big statement and a lastly legacy only a few people will know.
Victoria wasn’t going to lose the war. She ended with a big statement and a lasting legacy only a few people will know.

There’s no official word yet if ‘Revenge’ is coming to an end, but the story seems to be heading in that direction.

Last week Victoria killed herself in Grayson Manor and you knew it had to be more than just a suicide. At first it appeared as if that was all it was, but then Louise and Margaux found forced entry into Victoria’s home and blood. This made Louise immediately accuse Amanda. Then when Amanda couldn’t get a hold of Mason, she gave the cops her car to find finger prints of Mason, they didn’t find any. They found hair follicles and blood, that Mason planted there.

Victoria was working with Mason to make it look like Amanda killed her, just as Amanda tried to do on her wedding night.

I’m feeling uneasy about this ending. While I love that Victoria sacrificed herself to win the war, I wanted Emily to live happily ever after and it’s seeming harder and harder for her to do that.

Jack just found out that Amanda chose him and was going to her, as she’s arrested for Victoria’s murder. Victoria is making her pay for what she did to the Grayson family. Only Victoria started this whole thing with framing Amanda’s father. It just an endless cycle of revenge. When will it stop?

Leave it to Victoria to send a message from the grave. A very poetic one at that. I’m worried that this revenge story will end in tragedy, but was it ever going to end any other way?

This episode was enjoyable as the series presumably plays out to the end, but for a lot of it, it just fell into place. You knew Louise would blame Amanda and it was very predictable that she would make scene at the club. She just did that with Nolan trying to get a confession.

There were some surprises. I wasn’t expecting Nolan to be dumped, because his new boyfriend is getting a baby. That was heartbreaking to watch. Nolan finally gets to move on from revenge and he has the perfect guy to do with it, but it’s just bad timing.

Though it looks like his revenge days are not behind him yet. As soon as he finds out Victoria framed Amanda for her suicide, he’ll be back on the mission. How will he clear Amanda’s name?

I thought it was off that Mason had a cold and I was a little nervous what they would find in Amanda’s car, but she didn’t do it, so what were they going to find? I wasn’t expecting Mason and Victoria to be working together. They are pulling all the Emily Thorn tricks and throwing them in her face.

Margaux and Louise were quick in jumping to murder and now Margaux is fighting back. Do either of them know or realize that Victoria did commit suicide and she framed Amanda? Will they care?

The suicide note was definitely from Victoria, so why are they so quick to jump to murder? Would Victoria have left Margaux a note if Amanda killed her? Louise and Margaux want to believe Amanda did it, they don’t want to see the truth and what Victoria is capable off.

A nice fan moment this week was when Jack found out Amanda picked him. He had no idea that Amanda tried to stop him from leaving. He had a little smile as he realized that he was finally chosen.

Next week Amanda is determined to prove her innocence and believes Victoria is still alive. Take a look at the preview:


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