‘The Following’ Review: Ryan Plays with Demons

If waking up in another woman's bed isn't rock bottom, what is?
If waking up in another woman’s bed isn’t rock bottom, what is?

As much as it pains me to see Ryan losing it, I’m enjoying this storyline.

Part of what made season one so great was the inner struggle Ryan was going through trying to catch Joe again. And remembering the hell Joe brought him before. Now Joe is gone, but Ryan’s issues and his emotional scars are far from gone and are rising to the surface again. We’ve seen it a little this season through dreams, but it wasn’t until he really admitted that he was having these dreams, that he really started to have a problem.

You would have thought waking up in another woman’s bed would have been Ryan’s rock bottom, but apparently he has a lot more to fall. He loves Gwen, but his attachment for Joe has tore them apart and now a very stupid mistake may mean no more hope for them. But just what will it take for Ryan to see he has a problem? Max has never seen this side of Ryan, but Mike has. Mike worked by his side while he was a functional alcoholic. How long can he really get away with it this time?

As soon as Lisa Campbell told Ryan to play this one by the book, he went rouge and lost the Madman in the process. Then he almost beat the Madman to death when he came for them. He’s out of control.

With catching the Madman, we now know more about Theo, or Terrance Jackson. The Madman killed his family when he was ten years old, but he only killed them because Terrance asked him to. He also asked him to spare his foster sister, Sophia. It’s interesting that the one family member he bonded with was not even his flesh and blood. If we thought Theo was scary before, we were wrong. He’s so much scarier now. How can a ten year old want his whole family murdered? If fans were upset that Joe is gone, they really have an evil villain to fill the void now. Daisy is even terrified of him, and she was one of Strauss’ students.

Daisy and Mark are trying to get to Tom, but they need a little help to figure out who he is. What they do know is that he works for the F.B.I., so Daisy has contacted Theo for help.

While Daisy and Mark are hunting down Tom, he’s getting into his own mess. He lied on the report about clearing the Brooklyn safe house. He also lied to Sloan when asked about it. She then came over to his house to go over it in more detail. Sloan read another report and figured out he’d been lying. Before he could explain, she was getting her gun out. Tom tried to stop her and in the struggle, she ended up shot.

At this point I don’t think the writers ever wanted us to like Tom or even get to know him. He was always going to be a villain in our eyes. He’s dug himself a pretty big hole, how will he get out?

We met another one of Strauss’ students this week, Eliza. Apparently she likes to put on very exclusive parties where men get to torture women. She’s a scary woman. Will she give Theo and Sophia new identities after he attempts to kill Ryan?

At this point I give the edge to Theo. Ryan is so out of it, if Theo attacked now, he would be sure to get the upper hand, if not succeed.

Next week is two hours of ‘The Following’ and Ryan is losing his mind and putting his loved ones in danger. Take a look at the promo:


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