Get Out Your Red Sharpie, Emily Thorn’s 5 Best Takedowns

As much as I believed that ‘Revenge’ should come to an end, I’m still sad to see it go. I’ve watched Emily avenge her father over the last four years and even got to see her reunited with her father. But I also got to see her lose her great love, Aiden. That was a high cost to pay to clear her father’s name. A very high cost. At least Aiden got to see it before Victoria killed him.

Emily has only one more person to use the red sharpie pen on, Victoria. She thought she had taken Victoria down already, but she got out of the mental hospital. So now Emily has to clear her own name and takedown Victoria, the woman who started it all.

There’s been some epic takedowns over the last four years. So take out your red sharpie pen and lets relive Emily Thorn’s five best takedowns. This should be fun.

5. Bill Harmon testified against David in the trial, so he was a major target. Emily likes to get close to her targets, she likes to get to know them well. What was the easiest way to take this man down? Leak him false information to make him bet big and lose it all and not just his money, his client’s money. Emily was sure to tell his clients what he did.

Season 1, Episode 2 , Trust


4. Tom Kingsley was the prosecutor that sent David to prison. The Hamptons wasn’t the first time Emily met this man, she’d been plotting his destruction for some time. Emily was a senior volunteer on his first campaign. She really earned this guy’s trust. Tom made this very easy for Ems. Tom had an affair, which made this takedown a piece of cake. The icing on top was that the woman was pregnant and she decided to keep the baby. This ended his political career very quickly.

Season 1, Episode 3, Betrayal


3. Robert Barnes was the judge on Emily’s dad’s trial and a very evil man. She kind of did a good dead when she took this man down. He had been abusing his wife, Patricia, and Patricia also knew the truth. Emily thought Robert’s clerk James had sent an unsigned letter to her father in prison, saying Robert failed him, but Patricia wrote the note. Emily gave Patricia the courage to tell the truth and ruin Robert’s career an reputation in the process.

Season 2, Episode 10, Power

2. Michele Banks was the Psychiatrist that convinced Amanda that her dad committed those horrible crimes and locked her away. This was a very personal takedown for Emily. It wasn’t about her father. It was about her. For this one she not only ruined her reputation, she also set Victoria on her. Michelle recorded sessions with her patients and Emily used those to tarnish her reputation by playing them at an Annual High Tea Charity Event. Emily even played part of her session and pretended to look very embarrassed in the process. She also exposed Victoria saying Charlotte was a mistake. That wasn’t the end of Michelle’s downfall though. Ems then kidnapped her and locked her away, just like Michelle had done to her as a child.

Season 1, Episode 4, Duplicity


1. Conrad Grayson was the man that initiated the framing, plotted to kill David and killed Amanda to silence her. This was the most epic takedown of all. Not only did Emily clear her father’s name, Conrad also got exactly what was coming to him. Everything Emily had been working towards had finally been realized. Nolan broadcasted Conrad’s confession for all to see. This takedown came at a high cost though. She kidnapped her own sister to make this happen. She even had Charlotte confront him with the truth. Charlotte was already messed up enough before this. Emily has had to pay a high cost to succeed in her revenge.

Season 3, Episode 21, Impetus


Will Emily be able to takedown Victoria and clear her own name in the series finale? Are we in for one more great takedown before we say goodbye to Emily Thorn?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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