‘Nashville’ In Concert Was Like Being Inside the Show

The stars of ‘Nashville’ perform incredible week after week. But that’s with multiple takes and cameras, not live in front of an audience. When they’re on stage with a live audience, they are even better.

Clare Bowen, Charles Esten, Lennon Stella, Maisy StellaChris Carmack and Aubrey Peeples are touring eight cities and I was lucky enough to catch them in New York with Sam Palladio.

Sam debuted a new song, Clare and Chris also played some of their own material. These actors are about to have some major singing careers. They are already very talented performers. Chris said his song could be released on iTunes any day now.

Clare and Charles really stole the show. Clare was incredible. She really owned the stage while she was up there. You can tell she really loves being up there. Charles kind of acted like the MC of the show. He was doing a little directing at the end and thanking all the band members. He also thank the man that was giving all the stars the guitars throughout the show. The performers got to use so many different, beautiful guitars. Charles even convinced Lennon and Maisy to let him play guitar with them, just like he does on the show!

Lennon and Maisy are amazing for only 15 and 11 years olds. How do such powerful voices come out of two small girls? Charles was just mesmerized by these girls on stage and you can see it in this video:


It’s not hard to see why a lot of fans were excited to see these two young girls perform.

Chris is also an incredible performer and it made me want to see Will perform more on the show. The song that he wrote sounded much like something you would hear from Will. Here’s a little taste:


Sam gave us a double dose of his music. One was slow and one was fast paced. Both were amazing! I particularly liked the faster paced song. It was nothing like Gunnar and it made me feel like we got a glimpse of the real Sam.



My favorite of the night was definitely Clare, but I might just be a little biased here, because she is my favorite. She looks like she owns the stage and is really singing to the audience. Every week Scarlett amazes me on the show and in person, Clare had that same affect on me. She dedicated her song to the fans, because we should all be marching to the beat of our own drum.


It was incredible to see Gunnar and Scarlett up on stage together. The stars were really giving the fans what the wanted:


Giving the fans what they wanted also included Chris saying, “I love you too,” when a fan screamed out, “I love you!”

Sam joked that he would just continue tuning his guitar so he could keep hearing fans scream.

If you were hoping for so some Deacon action, Charles supplied that as well. He wrote a song that could easily be Deacon singing to Luke called, “He Ain’t Me.”


The stars were really grateful to the fans. They thanked fans numerous times throughout the night. Chris, Charles and Sam were nice enough to take selfies and sign autographs with fans after the show as well. For the fans that were dedicated enough to stand waiting, in a colder than expected night, they got to meet their ‘Nashville’ crushes. The girls were going crazy. A lot of fans phones were going dead and they had to borrow their friend’s phone or ask a stranger to take a picture for them.

Chaley Rose even snuck out the back with Sam. Are these two dating? She was nice enough to take pictures with fans as well. The other ladies of ‘Nashville’ slipped out very quickly and got into their cars and left. Granted it was past Lennon and Maisy’s bedtime at this point. 

I hope ‘Nashville’ gets picked up for another season. I can’t wait to see them perform again next year!

Here are lots of photos from the show:

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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