‘Nashville’ Review: Is the Best Behind Them?

This was an episode of music. So many performances!
This was an episode of music. So many performances!

Beverly walks through the door and says she wants to help Deacon live, but then she gives Rayna an evil eye. What will she want in return? Rayna to leave Deacon? If she won’t take a million dollars it’s either her leaving Deacon or a whole lot more money. The money she believes she would have gotten if Rayna didn’t steal Deacon away.

Assuming ‘Nashville’ gets renewed for season four, I don’t think Rayna and Deacon will be together. That doesn’t say that this couple isn’t the end game. But as you know with TV show couples, they can’t end up together before the show is over. This seems to be the writers way of tearing them apart again. And clearly making us hate Beverly even more. I hope Scarlett completely disowns her mother, if my predictions are correct, because Scarlett doesn’t need that negativity in her life. Or maybe Beverly will ask Rayna not to sign her daughter. There’s another plausible possibility too. Either way, Scarlett doesn’t need this mother, she has Deacon, who has been more of a parent to her even with his drinking.

I said it over an over again that Scarlett and Gunnar should sign with Highway 65 and it’s finally coming true! There was really no other option. Rayna is trying to build a record company with talented artists and Scarlett and Gunnar are that. It’s a shame that Avery couldn’t join them, but he has some more pressing matters to deal with.

I called it again. Juliette has postpartum depression. I’m very happy about this actually. I think after we weak storyline Hayden Panettiere had while she was pregnant, she’s really getting good content to work with now. Juliette is very stubborn and doesn’t believe anything is wrong with her. But clearly there is. She can’t connect with her daughter and as the doctor said, she’s hyper focused on her career and that is a symptom. Juliette is also not happy that their accusing her of being sick. It does seem off that she’s also writing off Deacon’s cancer and not even understanding what’s going on with Rayna.

Will’s about to come out of the closest a lot sooner than he would have liked. It’s amazing he’s been able to stay under the radar this long, of course Jeff was a lot of help to that. Now pictures are about to come out in the tabloids with him and Kevin. Luke doesn’t look too happy about this. How will Luke approach Will? Will is just starting to get a long with his father again too, though as Kevin said, it doesn’t mean anything. Will is just so desperate for his father’s approval he’s accepting false love.

Jeff is turning back into the Jeff I do not like. He’s lying to Layla about sending the tweet, he’s lying to Bucky about the publicity that he’s creating for Layla. Lies and more lies. Maybe his heart is in the right place, but he’s going about it all the wrong way. I thought Jeff was good for Layla, I thought he cared. And now Layla has gone and signed a contract.

Why is it that Teddy’s extracurricular activities always seem to loop back around to his family? He’s been given a pass, but he has to takedown a senator. He thought his ex-father in-law was the one involved, but it was his former sister in-law. He may be in the clear, but will this hurt Tandy?

Next week is the season finale and things are not looking good for Deacon. Please say we don’t lose him! Take a look at the promo:


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