‘Bones’ Review: A Lost Girl Finally Found

This was a very personal case for Brennan. Just like the victim, Brennan was very isolated in school.
This was a very personal case for Brennan. Just like the victim, Brennan was very isolated in school.

This case was very personal for Brennan. A 16-year-old girl, Molly, was found dead and when the looked into her life, they found a very lonely girl.

Aubrey from the beginning figured out Molly had no friends. He looked around her room and saw the college textbooks and realized she didn’t have a social life. Then they read her diary and it was very hard to listen too. This girl was bullied constantly and wanted to die. She was very intelligent though. Molly owned every textbook Brennan had ever written and wrote brilliant notes in the margins. Molly seemed to remind Brennan of herself. She was very isolated growing up too, but now she has a wonderful life. Brennan was so upset that Molly never got to have a chance to have a good life too.

It was very sad case, but the evidence wasn’t adding up. This was a very interesting case too. There were so many suspects but their stories didn’t add up. It seemed clear that the three girls killed Molly. Till Brennan figured it out, Molly killed herself and tried to frame the girls for her murder. This was heartbreaking to think she was in that much pain that she not only wanted to take her own life, but she wanted to seek revenge on those that hurt her. It really was those girls’ fault.

This is a very important issue at the moment. Young people have killed themselves because of being bullied. The words we say to another person, especially a young one, has a lasting affect. The case was so beautiful told and hopefully there is a lesson in it. These kinds of tragedies can be prevented.

This was also an interesting episode for Brennan. First she assumed Molly had been abused as a child, then she realized the fractures were from her being over weight. Brennan doesn’t usually get things wrong. She also believed that she was only three months pregnant, when actually she was six. She was so convinced she was only three. And now she’s worried about how their jobs will affect their children. It’s a natural fear, doing what they are doing.

Sweets is still very much alive with in the show. They still reference what Sweets would say and Daisy was faced with the question of dating. In the end she thought it was too soon, but it got her thinking about it. I love that the writers keep Sweets’ memory alive.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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