‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Kai Returns to Crash Jo’s Wedding

Kai knows how to hurt people. Was right in the middle of Jo's vows necessary?
Kai knows how to hurt people, but was right in the middle of Jo’s vows necessary?

Most of this episode was very quiet, and then Kai made a grand entrance by killing his sister on her wedding day as she’s saying I do. I was not expecting that at all. Leave it to ‘The Vampire Diaries’ to totally ruin a wedding.

Jo is dying, Elena is knocked out, and Bonnie is not doing well either! That’s a lot of ladies not doing well heading into the season finale. I’m already afraid Elena will die, but not Bonnie and Jo too. Alaric and Jo were supposed to run off together, and Bonnie just got back!

So Matt needs to stop taking vampire matters into his own hands. I don’t care how much he hates them. It never ends well. This time it may have gotten Bonnie killed. Really in the cellar was when Kai made his entrance by knocking out Bonnie and Matt, but we didn’t get to see him. Kai spared Matt, but of course, he was seeking revenge on Bonnie.

How exactly did Lily get out? Was it Kai? Are we going to be seeing her friends soon? Those are some scary creatures to be facing down in the season finale.

As I said, this was a very quiet episode. It was a lovely episode. Damon decided to take the cure, and he’s thought about it a lot. Plus, Stefan tried to convince him otherwise. It was an old couple that had been together 40 years that made his decision. If I didn’t know Nina Dobrev was leaving the show, I would love for Damon to take the cure. But we do know Elena will be no more, so I don’t want to see a human Damon with no Elena. That won’t be any fun! I’m guessing Kai crashing the wedding gets in the way of Damon’s plans. Now the question is, does Elena die, or does he change his mind again?

Caroline was back this week! And back to what she does best: planning parties! Who better to pull off Jo’s wedding than Caroline. She was also doing the “amends tour” as Elena called it. We got to see a Steroline moment, but it ended with Caroline walking away. We’ll have to wait a little bit for this couple. Not that I can blame Caroline. After everything, she needs some time.

So next week we say goodbye to Elena Gilbert. Please tell me we get to see some of her in the finale. The penultimate episode can’t be the last we see of her. The promo for the finale looks like Elena is already gone! Kai killing her at the wedding can’t be how she goes out. At least kill her in the season finale. Take a look at the promo and prepare the tissues for next week:


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