‘Revenge’ Review: It All Comes to an End

Whoever thought that 'Revenge' would end, happily ever after.
Whoever thought that ‘Revenge’ would end, happily ever after.

Emily Thorn succeeded in her revenge and she got to live happily ever after, not with out a few dozen scars though.

There was a lot of twist and turns as ‘Revenge’ came to an end. I imagine writing a series finale is very difficult. You want to do justice to the story, but you also want to give the fans a good ending too. It can’t be easy wrapping up a show in a nice little bow. This one ended well and definitely gave the fans a lot.

I was first surprised when Amanda pled guilty to killing Victoria, but then not so surprised when Nolan already had a plan in place. It’s amazing how close they were that the didn’t even have to discuss the plan, Amanda just put it in motion.

The writers and creators really wanted us on the edge of our seats for the last episode. First Jack ends up in the hospital, then he wakes up asking David for his permission to marry Amanda. Nolan then goes after Margaux and the assassin. I thought maybe he was in over his head going after assassin, but he did learn from the best. I didn’t like that Nolan’s hand had to get stabbed, but at least it wasn’t anything worse than that. Then Victoria used Louise to get to Amanda. Maybe she didn’t use Louise, but Louise finally saw through Victoria and her lies. And helped Amanda get to Victoria.

I really thought Amanda was going to shoot Victoria. She had certainly been pushed to that point. From the previews, from the clips, it all pointed to that Amanda was actually going to kill Victoria. First Victoria framed her father, then she killed Aiden and now came close to killing Jack. That would push anyone over the edge.

It was David that saved her from herself. I loved that moment. Amanda spent most of her life fighting to clear her father’s name and she was about to throw her life away just to avenge her father. David couldn’t let her do that, so he took out Victoria. He was right, there is no coming back, once you cross that line. The sweet little Amanda may not exist anymore, but that little girl’s heart still does.

Then Victoria had to get one more shot in, by literally shooting Amanda. Come on Victoria, don’t you even see how you ruined her life and you’ve deserved everything you’ve got?

The fans got a nice treat, they got to see Jack and Amanda finally married. I was always more of an Aiden fan, but I’m still very happy that Amanda got her happily ever after. Especially when I thought she was going to die.

Everyone thought ‘Revenge’ would end in death. It kind of did, Victoria and David both died, but I guess I never really believed that Amanda could have a life after revenge. It always seemed like there was no way out. David found her a way out.

Nolan isn’t out though. Amanda gave him another mission.

There was an eerie bit at the end. Did Amanda get her heart from Victoria? I guess the writers are going to leave that for us to ponder, or maybe it is just a nightmare. But Charlotte was there. Amanda and Charlotte finally found a way to connect.

A lot of people have died through out the four years of ‘Revenge’. The biggest was Conrad’s death at the end of last season. David got to kill him. David now has killed both Victoria and Conrad.

Daniel died earlier this season saving Amanda. That was an emotional episode. Aiden died last season by the hands of Victoria. Margaux’s father died because of Conrad. Emily died saving Amanda. Even Declan died in the middle of Conrad’s schemes.

Through all the deaths, there has also been a lot of great takedowns. Those are what made the show so great. The big prizes of Conrad and Victoria took a lot more work. Amanda wasn’t done with Victoria until she was dead. And pretty much the same with Conrad.

We have come to love all of these characters and now we have to say goodbye. Amanda got her revenge and she got the guy. Who knew Amanda’s story would end happily.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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