‘The Following’ Review: Not A Simple Trade

The moment was short lived. Mark was back to get his revenge.
The moment was short lived. Mark was back to get his revenge.

I was expecting something bad to happen at the end. I was waiting for it, while trying to enjoy Max and Mike reuniting. But I was expecting Theo to come for Max, I wasn’t expecting Mark to come for Mike. Mark went after Max too, but Mike saved her. Mike already has his biggest regret when he left Max for Mark, he wasn’t going to do it again, even if he was shot.

The double dose of ‘The Following’ was very personal and it ended very personal too. I was scared for Mike’s life during the entire episode and it wasn’t until the end when we really had to worry. Will Mike make it through this? ‘The Following’ has killed a lot of people off, will Mike be next? I really hope not. I want Mike and Max to end up together.

This was an intense episode. Max knows her uncle very well. She went back into his apartment and used the key, but she didn’t expect what she would find. Ryan had taken Penny and that’s why Theo had Mike. Ryan deserved that punch, he really did. Maybe it could wake him up a bit. It’s just lie after lie. He’s lying to his loved ones one after another. Except for Gwen, he finally told her the truth, or some of the truth. The complete truth would be a lot for her take, but at least he’s being honest. Now he needs to be honest to Mike and Max, who risk their lives for him everyday. They deserve better.

I wasn’t sure how the trade was going to go. I didn’t expect it to go smoothly, nothing ever does. But I think Penny dying is a really bad outcome. Theo was prepared to kill Ryan before, what will he do to Ryan now? It isn’t safe for any of them to be alone. Clearly even Mike and Max being together didn’t keep them safe.

I get why Ryan is truly pushing Gwen away now. He doesn’t know if he’s going to survive Theo’s attack and he wants Gwen out of the way, but will finding out he’s going to be a father change things for him? He could just push Gwen away and they could go on with their lives, but now he’s going to be a father. That has to change things.

Next week ‘The Following’ comes to an end. It’s a two hour series finale and they’re going after Theo, while Mike fights for his life. Will Ryan make it out of this fight alive? Will Max? Will Mike be okay? After three years of chasing serial killers it all ends. Take a look at the promo:


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