‘The Following’ Review: Ryan is on the Edge

Tom had already made a mess for himself, but this secured his demise.
Tom had already made a mess for himself, but this secured his demise.

In hunt for Theo and the mole, things got really personal. Ryan took Theo’s sister. Mark and Daisy used Tom to get to Mike and then Theo took Mike for himself. Plus Max discovered Tom to be the mole. Though Tom was never really a mole. He just incriminated himself because of his jealousy of Mike and Max. He dug his own grave.

Ryan isn’t stable at the moment. He’s drinking and Max, Mike and Gwen know it. At least he was honest about it to Gwen. That’s a start for their relationship. But he won’t tell Mike or Max the truth. Ryan is unstable enough with his hallucinations of Joe, he really doesn’t need to add drinking into the mix.

I said last week that I don’t think the writers ever wanted us to like Tom, and this week I like him even less, if that was even possible. He accidentally killed Sloan last week and this week he left her in the tub in his apartment. How did this guy get into the F.B.I.? Can he really be that stupid. Apparently he is, because he made a deal with Mark and Daisy expecting to get out of it alive. If he did make it out of it alive, Max would have killed him. Well she might not have killed him literally, but she certainly would have made him pay. And did Tom not even think of the security surveillance inside the building? His jealousy turned him into a moron.

Tom getting Mike for Mark and Daisy was pretty predictable. But Ryan taking Penny wasn’t as predictable. I’m beginning to think his rogue techniques have more to with his drinking than his detective style. Did he really think he was going to get away with it? The F.B.I. won’t look fondly on him taking a prisoner and he knew it would enrage Theo. He is clearly not thinking properly, but it is exciting TV.

Unless he wanted to draw Theo to him, this is a terrible plan. I think if Theo couldn’t conveniently take Mike from Mark, he would have gone after Max. Ryan’s reckless behavior is putting his loved ones in danger. If he played it by the book, Mike may not have gone off with Tom.

It was hard to watch Max find out what we knew all along. She’s felt so guilty about cheating on Tom, when Tom’s been the one out of line. Max deserves so much better than Tom. She may not want to admit it, but she still loves Mike and it’s going to kill her to find out that Tom just handed Mike over to Mark and now Theo has him.

It’s a good thing we got a double doe of ‘The Following’ this week. I don’t think I could have waited a whole week to find out Mike’s fate.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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