‘Chicago PD’ Review: Erin Pushes the Pain Away

This was heartbreaking because she really meant it when she said, "shoot me."
This was heartbreaking because she really meant it when she said, “shoot me.”

I knew Erin was in pain, but I never thought she was in enough pain to do drugs again. She’s come so far and now she’s falling all the way back down.

I knew it was a bad sign when she was going to talk to her mother. Nothing good ever comes from conversations with her mother. What mother would supply her kid with alcohol like she did? Okay maybe one night, but really two nights in a row? One night to take the edge off is one thing, but two nights is not good. And now she’s adding drugs to the mix. How long till it starts affecting her job? How long till someone figures it out?

If that wasn’t bad enough, I think when Erin said, “shoot me”, she really meant it. I think she really wanted that kid to shoot her. That’s where she’s at. I think her colleagues should have picked up on that. I realize she was doing her job at the same time, but that was a very low moment. A very scary moment for me. I love Erin and I was very afraid the boy would pull the trigger. I was also looking into Erin’s eyes and seeing her pain. Nadia’s death has recked her. Someone needs to grab her before she falls too far down and can’t get back up again, but she might already be there.

This was another intense episode. It didn’t take long for the action to start. Burgess had barely walked through the door on her first day and they were already off. What a day for Burgess. She didn’t even get a second to settle in and Erin was the only one to welcome her to Intelligence. If Erin’s not careful, Burgess will be taking her spot.

I’ve been waiting a long time to see Burgess in Intelligence and I wish she got more action in this episode. Atwater got more action and he’s not even in Intelligence anymore. He chased down the shooters. He was really on top of his game. Voight may have to make room for both Burgess and Atwater.

The action has been really intense this season and next week it looks like it just keeps on going for the season finale. Voight knows Erin is spiraling out of control. Will her bad habits cost her her job? Take a look at the promo:


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