‘Bones’ Review: The Squints Solve a Case in the Middle East

Why doesn't it surprise me that he was taken to solve a murder.
Why doesn’t it surprise me that he was taken to solve a murder.

We knew Brennan would figure out Booth was gambling again, but I thought she would pick up on the signs. It wasn’t until his bookie came to their house looking to settle up on a debt that Brennan finally figured it out.

I really thought she would tell Angela. That’s the person she goes to, but Aubrey was the person she turned to. It shows how big of a character Aubrey has become. He helped Brennan out in a very bad situation. If the F.B.I. found out about Booth’s gambling it could ruin him and Brennan tells an agent in the F.B.I. It just shows how much trust Brennan has for him. Aubrey really has filled the void Sweets left. He’s extremely smart like Sweets. He brings things to the investigation that really help the case. It was incredible how he could tell that the people were going upstairs in the recording. It’s been great getting to know this new character and we’ll have another season to continue to get to know him.

Can Brennan and Booth get past this? Brennan asked him a question and Booth lied to her face. All he had to do was tell the truth and Brennan probably wouldn’t have kicked him out, but he lied and then continued to lie. It was heartbreaking to watch Brennan stand their as Booth left, but now we’ll get to see them work their way back to each other. It took years for them to get together and it was so much fun watching it.

‘Bones’ is having an incredible tenth season. This was another stellar case. First it seemed terrifying that Arastoo was taken by the Iranian government, but then it turned out he was taken to solve a murder. It’s been a while since we’ve had a field trip. There’s been some really cool cases that they collaborated on over Skype. This was intense being in Iran. They were operating outside of the law and working with a member of the Iranian Parliament.

‘Bones’ loves to touch on real issues. This man was killed because he rejected the Muslim way and he was working to make a democracy in his country. This man shouldn’t have been killed because of his beliefs and trying to make his country what he thought would be a better place. But this is the fear that Muslims face if they try to speak out against the government. Sometimes we take for granted in the U.S. that we have freedom of speech. If you don’t like something the government is doing, we can say so. Iranians don’t have that privilege. I hope this great story telling continues in season eleven.

‘Bones’ will return in two weeks. Will Brennan and Booth be able to work it out or are they just falling apart? Take a look at the promo:


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