Eric Close Will No Longer Be Series Regular on ‘Nashville’

nashvilleWhen season four of ‘Nashville’ returns, Teddy Conrad will not be a main fixture.

Eric Close, 48, who plays Rayna James’ ex-husband will no longer be a series regular on the show, TVLine reported.

ABC declined to comment to the website, but TVLine has heard that the move “is part of a creative effort” to have the show focus more on the music business.

In the later part of season three, I felt that Teddy’s storyline was a little out of place. It was interesting when Jeff (Oliver Hudson) was blackmailing him to get him to sign Maddie to his label, but once Rayna shut that down, his story felt unnecessary. He’s been dealing with all of the consequences. Jeff got fired, but he hasn’t been in any legal trouble. Teddy’s legal troubles will sure to have an affect on his family, but his storyline no longer has anything to do with the music.

I understand the writers reasoning behind it. The other main characters all have ties to the music business and the majority of them perform too. Teddy doesn’t even like the music business.

Ever since Rayna stopped Teddy from giving their daughter a record deal, he’s still had a storyline, but he’s hardly been on screen. It was more of a reminder each week of what a mess he’s got himself into. I think the affect his actions have on Rayna, Maddie and Daphne is going to play a bigger role in the storyline than his part in it.

Rayna has had press nightmare after press nightmare since she opened her label and this time it’s going to hit really close to home. It will of course be a time for damage control for her company, but she’ll be more concerned on the affect it will have on her daughters, especially Daphne. Daphne was feeling a little out of place at the end of season three. She loves Deacon, but Deacon is not her father. She was really missing Teddy and now he’s about to go to prison.

I wonder if the dirty money Tandy used to help Rayna open her record company will come into play next season? That was the reason Teddy pulled back from his deal. He could have had all the charges wiped, but when he found out Tandy used dirty money to help Rayna, he didn’t want to bring Rayna down. He didn’t even want to investigate Tandy. He finally took responsibility for his actions.

His ties to Rayna and his daughters are sure to keep him around. I’m sure we will see him again. His bad choices are sure to echo for a while as well.

While Eric is away from ‘Nashville’ he will be reprising his role as lawyer Travis Tanner in the upcoming fifth season of ‘Suits’.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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