‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: The Laws of Attraction

Bad news and more bad news. Just what Jane loves.
Bad news and more bad news. Just what Jane loves.

This week’s case did not start out good. It was bad, bad and even more suspects.

Questioning suspects didn’t lead to anything. The soon to be ex-wife didn’t know anything and didn’t appear to have any reason to kill him. The ex-girlfriend said she broke it off and gave Korsak and Jane a list of people who would want Mark dead. Just all the competitors in the fishing tournament. And the guys in the tournament cared more about how he was cheating and wanting to know how than wanting him dead. Clearly they would have beaten it out of him before they killed him, if they were the murderers. Even the guy that disappeared that seemed like the best suspect, didn’t even disappear. The tournament was postponed, he had no chance of winning, he entered another tournament. It was as simple as that.

When the ex-girlfriend had the list ready and waiting for Jane and Korsak, I thought that was a little weird. She was extremely helpful and when Mark’s name was brought up she seemed saddened, but not crying like the ex-wife. It was just all really strange.

None of the evidence was adding up to anything.

While Jane was working the case, she was also having to dodge Skeet. He was a fisherman in the tournament that had a huge crush on her. He kept showing up with gifts and asking her out. Finally she just said she didn’t want to go out with him. He said fine, but he could tell she was attracted to him by her dilated pupils, elevated respiratory levels and skin turning slightly red. She was actually just really uncomfortable.

That got Jane thinking though. They couldn’t figure out who was lying. Everyone just seemed to be innocent. Then she thought about how the wife and girlfriend spoke about Mark. The wife didn’t have dilated pupils and her breathing was even. The girlfriend’s breathing was shallow and she went really red.

On further investigation of her, they found that she officiated the six tournaments that Mark had won. Korsak and Jane told her that they could trace the note, the one that said don’t tell anyone or you’ll be sleeping with the fish, to her hard drive. She caved and told them everything.

The case wasn’t about fishing at all, it was about love. She loved the poet turned fisherman, but he was a “human fish repellent.” She cheated for him. He had no idea and when she told him, he wanted to come clean.

He was going to go back to his wife after he got the sporting goods deal and she was so angry because his success was all because of her.

At first I thought the whole thing was about money, seeing as the fishing tournaments had huge prizes. It all came down to love.

Skeet finally convinced Jane to go out with him, well kind of. They watched the sunset together on his boat outside to station. He renamed the boat after her: The Janester. She told him to call her next time he was in Boston.

Then Korsak and Maura were giving Jane a lesson in the laws of attraction, because apparently Korsak is an expert.

And Korsak is also an expert in betting. Frankie made a bet with him and was paying dearly. He had to carry a flour baby around for a day and treat it like a real baby. If something happened to it, he would have to continue caring it for another day. He left the first one in the car and the second one got crushed by the elevator. The last one went missing.

Angela was on a no white diet and she looked good! But no one would eat her treats. She found Frankie’s flower baby and made real treats with it! Frankie was done.

The new medical examiner, Kent Drake, is a mystery, even to Maura. She can’t figure him out. She never knows when he’s joking and he knows it and likes it. He’s going to be an interesting character to have around. How long till Maura figures him out?

Next week Maura goes to her version of Disney Land. Take a look at the promo:


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